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Weekly Time Sheet - Downloadable


Record and document hours with a printable employee time tracking sheet

Designed to supply information usually required by state wage and hour laws, this
Printable Weekly Employee Time Sheet records the daily hours worked on one simple, printable form. Using our printable employee time and attendance sheets makes it easy and inexpensive to stay in compliance and means you'll always have them when you need them.

  • Includes satisfaction of FLSA recordkeeping requirements
  • Plenty of room for entries, totals, and approvals
  • Free weekly time and attendance form tip sheet
  • Choosing the downloadable format means you'll have access to your printable weekly time sheet minutes after checkout
  • Upon completion of your order, you can access your printable product from the Manage My Downloads
    section in your account
  • Please note that printable forms are not returnable

Product Specifications:

  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later is required

Old Item # AH0396

DO have your hourly employees keep accurate time records and sign them before submitting them to management for processing.

Don’t allow any of your employees to “punch in/out” for another employee.

DO count breaks of 20 minutes or less as hours worked.

Don’t alter your employee’s time record without having him/her sign authorizing the change. Changes should be made only to correct errors for inaccurate time entries.

DO pay your employees for travel time during regularly scheduled work hours. If your employees are required to travel outside of their regularly scheduled work hours, they must be compensated for time spent driving or actually performing work for the company (but not for nonworking time spent as a passenger on a plane, boat, bus, train or vehicle.)

Don’t allow employees to take time off (“comp time”) in a different workweek in lieu of receiving overtime payments. If your employee works more than 40 hours in a given workweek, he/she must receive overtime for that week without regard to hours worked in any other workweek. Do not carry over hours of work from one week to the next to avoid making overtime payments. (Note: This may not apply to public employees and certain healthcare workers.)

DO compensate your non-exempt employees for time spent at lectures, seminars, training programs, or meetings if attendance is required or if the event is directly related to the employee’s job.

Don’t take adverse action (e.g., demotion or termination) against any employee for making a complaint about a suspected violation of the FLSA.

Avoid Unexpected Compensation Costs

Your non-exempt employees must be compensated for all hours of work that management knows of, or has reason to know of, even if you did not request or authorize the time or type of work performed.

Do not modify time records to delete entries for work that was performed without request or authorization, even for work performed against company policy or a specific directive.

Such entries should be addressed as disciplinary matters, not as grounds to deny pay. It is your duty to prevent employees from performing work if you do not want to pay them for it. This includes entries for:

  • Unauthorized overtime
  • Work performed before or after your employee’s regular shift
  • Work performed during a lunch period or other break designated as unpaid
  • Time spent “catching up” or meeting deadlines, even if it is your employee’s fault that the work is ``not complete”
  • Work performed off-premises or at your employee’s home