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Hiring Essentials Downloadable


Make every step of the hiring process easier

From the interview to first day on the job, this kit makes it easy to bring new employees onboard. You get all the forms and tools you need to make smarter hiring decisions, comply with legal requirements, and make every new employee’s first day flow smoothly for everyone.


Includes these forms:

  • Application for Employment - Perfect for most non-exempt positions
  • Interview Evaluation - Helps record key details and impressions of job candidates
  • Background Check Consent Form - The legal, smart way to know as much as possible before hiring
  • Employee Information Sheet - Collects important data for benefits and emergency contacts
  • The just released (November 2016) Form I-9 - Legally required to prove citizenship and eligibility for U.S. employment
  • W-4 Form - Access to the tax withholding forms for all 50 states
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement - Saves time and confusion for both your company and new employees
  • Tip Sheets - Get expert guidance to make using the forms easy and legally compliant