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State W-4 Forms


Meet State Withholding Requirements with Downloadable State W-4 Forms

Your state requires employers to file a state-specific Withholding Form for their employees.


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By law, every new employee must complete and sign a Form W-4 before claiming any withholding allowances. Current employees also must complete one when their tax status changes, such as with the birth of a child or change in marital status. With our Downloadable State Withholding Form, you don’t have to worry about keeping a supply on hand.

  • Maintaining a current Form W-4 on each employee is required by the IRS
  • Downloadable format gives you access to your state withholding tax form immediately after checkout
  • Free Tip Sheet with purchase - helps you complete the form accurately

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  • Please note that downloadable electronic forms are not returnable

DO have all new employees fill out a tax withholding form on the first day of work. Don’t ask applicants to fill out a tax withholding form. The form is only for hired employees.

DO keep blank withholding forms for the current year on hand. An employee may want to change the number of withholding allowances or his or her filing status for any number of reasons, such as marriage or an increase or decrease in the number of dependents.

Don’t let employees base their withholding amounts on a fixed dollar amount or percentage. The amount of income tax withholding must be based on marital status and withholding allowances.

DO inform employees of the importance of submitting an accurate tax withholding form. An employee may be subject to penalties if he or she submits, with no reasonable basis, a form that results in less tax being withheld than is required.

Don’t accept copies. You must retain original signed forms. You may be required to submit a copy to the IRS and/or your state Department of Revenue.

DO verify that all tax withholding forms are signed by employees. Tax withholding forms are considered invalid if any required information is missing and/or a signature is not provided.

To assist employers in determining the exact amount to withhold from each employee’s wages, most states generally provide tables that show various ranges of income and the dollar amounts to be withheld from each range. A few states give the percentages to be withheld from each employee’s wages, but most rely on tables because they are much easier to use. However, for an employer to use a tax table correctly, every employee must complete a state tax withholding form if required by your local state Department of Revenue. Some states permit employees to use the federal tax withholding form (Form W-4) for both state and federal withholding requirements, so contact your state Department of Revenue to make sure you are using the correct form.