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Text Message - Cell Phone Driving Policy Downloadable


Download and distribute texting and cell phone use while driving policy

Use this downloadable form to communicate your company’s texting while driving and cell phone use while driving policy for employees driving company vehicles, or driving private vehicles but conducting business on behalf of the company over the phone.

If one of your employees causes an auto accident as a result of making a work-related cell phone call or responding to a text message, your company could be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

  • Prohibits employees from using a cell phone while driving (including hands-free use) when conducting company business. This includes answering or making calls, reading or responding to e-mails, texting while driving or accessing the Internet.
  • Download and print for immediate use
  • Product Specifications:

    • Instructions for download provided at checkout.
    • Please note that downloadable electronic forms are not returnable.