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Workplace Harassment Response Tools Download


Respond to harassment claims with a comprehensive investigation solution

With workplace harassment claims, the most critical element is not the validity of the complaint but rather the action your company takes afterward. The Workplace Harassment Response Tools Download is an electronic tool that offers every resource you need to conscientiously manage a workplace harassment claim and document each step to protect your company from possible future litigation.

The downloadable format includes these reproducible materials to help you conduct a thorough harassment investigation:

  • How to Handle a Harassment Investigation - guide to launching a comprehensive inquiry on the harassment complaint. Covers every step from interviews to taking final corrective action.
  • Investigation Checklist
  • Incident Report
  • Complaint Interview Outline
  • Witness Interview Outline
  • Alleged Harasser Interview Outline
  • Written Statement Form
  • Final Report
  • Corrective Action Report
  • Follow-up Information Sheet
  • Acknowledgment of Complaint Resolution