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Performance Appraisal Exempt Positions - Downloadable


Downloadable Appraisal Form for Salaried Professionals

As employees advance in their careers, an in-depth appraisal may be needed to better assess their strengths, contributions and skills. Our Expanded Exempt Appraisal Download allows for employee feedback, outlines performance expectations and sets objectives for next review, encouraging employees to proactively manage their careers.

  • 9 key areas are rated, including Planning/Organization; Communications; and Adherence to Policies and Procedures
  • Provides areas to address Major Strengths and Accomplishments, as well as Areas in Need of Improvement
  • Includes ComplyRight™ tip sheet with best practices and legal guidelines for compliant use
  • Download now and use as needed

Product Specifications:

  • Please note that downloadable electronic forms are not returnable.