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Retail Skills Test


Employee personality test measures potential in the retail industry

The Retail Skills Test is an employee personality test and employment skills test in one comprehensive assessment, enabling you to identify reliable and trustworthy applicants who have the skills needed to make correct change, calculate discounts, match model numbers to display units and treat your customers with care and consideration.

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This pre-employment test predicts how effectively your applicants will handle sales and service opportunities, customer complaints, and the unique demands of working as a team player, and helps you enhance the effectiveness of your hiring decisions and reduce the incidence of employee theft and turnover


  • Attention to detail
  • Math skills
  • Sales and service ability
  • Integrity/dependability
  • Recommended for applicants who will be interacting with customers, including assistant managers, cashiers, bank tellers and all other retail staff
  • Product Specifications:

  • 70 questions, 20 minutes approx. to complete
  • All test can be combined for quantity discounts.