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Workplace Emergency Response Kit


Respond to on-the-Job emergencies quickly with this convenient, all-in-one kit

When an injury occurs at work, time is of the essence. The Medical Response Team (MRT) Kit provides everything you need to address workplace emergencies promptly and effectively. All the essentials are close at hand and easily accessible so first aid can be administered in the critical first few minutes.


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  • Ideal for first responders, EMTs, medical response personnel, police or fire personnel, safety managers, and anyone responsible for medical response within an organization
  • More than 600 pieces include a wide variety of adhesive bandages, rescue blanket, burn creams and dressings, wire splint, CPR protector, trauma dressing, eye wash and much more
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Properly administered aid can minimize the severity of an injury, the recovery time and, in turn, workers’ compensation costs