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How do I get started creating a new job role?

By on 12/1/2015

You start a new department the way you start anything new – research.

First, look to businesses within your industry. If you know someone working at a different company, try to get information from him or her on how the business handles the department or role. Review job advertisements for similar positions or roles. While industry-specific information is your best source, you can still glean a lot from looking at companies in other sectors.

There’s very little that’s not on the Internet these days. Search the web for tips and guides on creating your new department or role, including training materials and best practices.. You can also use networking sites to reach out to others with your questions.

One last thing to consider: When hiring for new departments and roles, aim to hire more experienced individuals. They’ll have more insight and ideas about what needs to be done and how best to do it. As much research as you may do to define a new role, it won’t compare to securing an individual with practical, real-world experience. ​

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