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How long should I wait before creating a new job?

By on 12/1/2015

While the answer varies from situation to situation, this is the general rule of thumb: Create jobs when you’re sure that you need them and can afford them.

Most businesses have seasons when they’re busier than other times of the year. If your employees are overworked and staying late during your usual busy season, don’t rush to create jobs just yet. You may only need seasonal workers, not full-time employees.

Unless your situation is dire, let the busy season pass before bringing in a new full-time employee. Once the busy season is over, and if your employees are still working longer hours or if it’s a permanent upswing in demand, then you should create a new job.

Don’t wait too long before hiring someone new, however. If your employees are overworked for too long, they may start to disengage from their jobs or leave your company entirely. Try to reassure your employees that you understand their situation and appreciate their hard work. Ask for regular feedback and give out frequent recognition to keep employees happpy.

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