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Streamline Your Hiring Process and Hire the Best Candidates Quickly

Today’s job seekers can apply for numerous positions in a matter of minutes, so it’s crucial to vet them efficiently and extend offers quickly. Applicant Tracking lets you modernize your approach to hiring and present a more professional image to candidates. This simple web-based solution streamlines all hiring stages in a single, shared view so you and your managers can reach and recruit five-star candidates.

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Smart Hiring Made Simple: One Stage at a Time

  • It’s easy for you and your hiring managers to track and collaborate throughout the hiring process. Choose the stages that fit your business and skip the ones that don’t. To get started, just:

    Create Open Positions

    Add open positions in your company that you want to direct applicants into. Any applicants not assigned to an open position will automatically be placed in a "general consideration" category.

    Create Open Positions
  • Enter the Applicant’s Information

    As you receive applications, add each applicant’s information – including their resume and other supporting documents – directly into the app. When paired with the Job Application Smart App, your applicants appear automatically. No extra work is required as applicants' information is shared among the apps.

    Enter the Applicant’s Information
  • Track the Hiring Stages Relevant to Your Business

    The app will guide you through the appropriate stages of the hiring process: Interviews, Employment Testing, Reference Checks, and more. You have the option of assigning different stages to different hiring managers and skipping over the ones you don’t need. The app makes it easy to collect ratings for each candidate, track important dates, and communicate directly with candidates.

    Track the Hiring Stages Relevant to Your Business
  • Welcome Your Perfect Candidate

    Once you’ve made a decision, just click to hire the candidate and send an offer email. You can also track offer acceptance and background check results, and click to create your new hire's employee personnel record in the FREE Employee Records Smart App.

    Welcome Your Perfect Candidate


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Streamline Your Hiring and Onboarding Tasks
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Each Smart App is Just $90 a Year - a Price That Won't Break Your Budget!

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HRdirect Smart Apps Benefits

Compliance You Can Trust

Compliance You Can Trust

Legal compliance is not only our priority, it’s our passion. Our in-house attorneys, legal researchers and HR experts act as employer advocates to provide products and services that meet current compliance requirements. You can always be confident that your Smart Apps are up to date and 100% compliant.

3 Levels of Security

3 Levels of Security

We employ the most current and sophisticated security measures so you can be confident your information remains confidential.

Find out what makes our service safe and secure for your business.

Free Employee Records App

Free Employee Records App

With every app purchase, you get the Employee Records App FREE. This app allows you to connect to your most used employee data instantly. All data is shared seamlessly between all your Smart Apps.

Learn more about Employee Records.

Fits Your Budget

Fits Your Budget

Pay just $90 a year – a price that will fit your budget

Plus, Smart Apps are web-based so there’s no install to deal with and you will be able to access your information anywhere you have an internet connection.

Smart App purchases are non-refundable.