Attendance Tracking

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Small 2-Part Absence Report Form


Capture the Important Details of an Absence

Employees who abuse your time-off policy not only affect productivity but may also hurt morale. Giving them written notice sends a clear message-when it comes to attendance, you mean business. Our compact two-part carbonless Employee Absence Report is an effective way to document absences and let your employees know that your time-off policy will be enforced.


Small 2-Part Request for Time Off Form


Easily Manage Employee Time Off Requests

Take Care of an employee time off request efficiently and effectively with the Time Off Request Form. This 2-part form gives employees a written record of their request, while the other copy can be kept by the manager or submitted to the payroll department. By managing requests and responses in writing, you’ll create a fair and efficient process along with documentation for reference.


Attendance Calendar Folder

Track Data And Store Documents In The Efficient Calendar Folder

One simple solution pulls double duty with the Attendance Calendar™ Folder. On the outside, mark employee attendance on the same easy-to-use format as our popular Attendance Calendar Card. On the inside, store any and all material related to attendance: vacation requests, emails, warnings and more.

You get a full-year view of attendance plus a way to securely save communication material inside. This combination is a smart, streamlined method for getting control of daily attendance tracking and staying organized.


Folding Vacation Tracker

The Most Efficient Employee Vacation Calendar You'll Ever Find!

Many employee vacation planners only include six months of tracking. Our Vacation Tracker goes above and beyond, offering a full 12 months of planning on both sides of the roomy page. We’ve also taken into account that employee vacation planning doesn't always start in January. Our vacation tracker features generic dates so you can start your employee vacation calendar on any month
as low as $40.49

Fiscal Year Employee Attendance Calendar


Track Attendance July - June With A Fiscal Year Calendar

We took our best-selling employee attendance tracking form and reorganized it into fiscal year format. Offering all the same great time-saving features, the Fiscal Year Attendance Calendar™ makes it easy to keep track of who’s at work and who's repeatedly out for three-day weekends.

Starting in July and ending in June, record an entire year of attendance with easy codes you mark directly on the card. It’s the perfect solution for spotting troubling absence patterns.



Academic Year Employee Attendance Calendar


Record Attendance Easily With An Academic Year Attendance Calendar

With its simple, concise design, the Academic Year Attendance Calendar™ makes tracking attendance easy, especially for teachers and administrators. Recording absences and tardiness with the simple coding system offers an instant view of the whole year.

The Academic Year Attendance Calendar makes it easy to track reasons for absences, disciplinary action and any related discussion and follow-up steps you take regarding attendance throughout the academic year.