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Manager & Employee Continuing Education Courses

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Advanced Skills for Excel Beginning Course


Brush-up on Useful Excel Skills


In this 3-course bundle, you’ll learn or brush-up-on critical Excel skills, including Pivot tables, VLOOKUP and SUMIF. This course specifically includes skills that are helpful when reporting on employment and payroll data.


Lesson 1: 10 Ways to Improve Excel Workbooks

Lesson 2: Reporting with Pivot Tables

Lesson 3: VLOOKUP and SUMIF Excel Functions  


*This product is non-refundable*

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Must-Have Managerial Skills Course


Important Managerial Skills Continuing Education


The “Must Have Managerial Skills” bundle includes 4 of our most popular 75- to 100-minute online courses specially designed to help managers learn about accounting, project management, negotiations, and speaking skills.


Lesson 1: Accounting for Managers

Lesson 2: Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Lesson 3: How to Negotiate Effectively for a Win-Win Outcome

Lesson 4: The Reluctant Speaker: Meeting and Other Presentation Speaking Skills™


Credits: 4 HRCI®, 4 SHRM

*This product is non-refundable*

as low as $99.00

New Manager Skills for Success Course


Important Skills for New Managers


The “New Manager Bundle: Skills for Success” course includes 5 of our most popular 75-minute webinars specially designed to help new managers and supervisors improve their leadership skills. Topics include: performance evaluations, discipline and coaching topics.


Lesson 1:  Strategies for a Successful Transition for the First Time Supervisor™

Lesson 2:  Feedback That Works: How to Constructively Evaluate and Effectively Discipline Employees ™

Lesson 3:  Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace™

Lesson 4:  Getting the Best from Quiet or Shy Employees™

Lesson 5: Strategies for Conducting Successful Performance Evaluations



Credits: 6.25 HRCI®, 6.25 SHRM


*This product is non-refundable*

as low as $199.00

Conflict Resolution Course


You Talkin’ to Me?


Managers learn a variety of ways to handle conflict in the workplace, whether it’s personal disagreements or coaching a team to resolve issues.


Lesson 1: Managing Workplace Conflict

Lesson 2: Conflict Resolution: Keys to Success™

Lesson 3: Dealing with Unrealistic Expectations at Work™


Credits: 4.25 HRCI®, 4.25 SHRM

*This product is non-refundable*

as low as $99.00

Hire Like a Boss Course



Learn To Identify the Best Candidates


Lessons include interviewing and pre-screening topics to help you find the right candidates for each role.


Lesson 1: Avoiding Illegal Pre-Employment Screening Practices: Update on Background Checks, Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Salary Secrecy Law

Lesson 2: Behavioral Based Interviewing

Lesson 3: Weeding Out the Bad Candidates: Best Practices for Sourcing, Resume Review and Pre-Screening


Credits: 4.5 HRCI®, 4.5 SHRM

*This product is non-refundable*

as low as $99.00

HR Guide to Sensitive Subjects Course


Learn How to Address Sensitive Subjects at Work


An HR Guide to Sensitive Subjects course includes four of the most popular webinars on touchy workplace issues. Topics range from personal hygiene and attire to office romances.


Lesson 1: Addressing Personal Hygiene Problems in the Workplace: Legal and Practical Issues

Lesson 2: How to Manage Office Romances, Investigate Sexual Harassment

Lesson 3: Tattoos, Sandals, Yarmulkes: Increasing Legal Challenges for Dress and Appearance in the Workplace

Lesson 4: Managing Political Speech at Work in a Polarized Era


Credits: 5.25 HRCI®, 5.25 SHRM

*This product is non-refundable*

as low as $99.00

Human Resources Executive Course


Continuing Education Credits for HR Professionals


Human Resources leaders play a critical role in every organization. This course includes three lessons covering both strategic and practical skills for HR professionals.


Lesson 1: HR Metrics Measuring and Communicating the Strategic Value of Human Resources

Lesson 2: Documentation: One of HR’s Most Critical Tasks

Lesson 3: Employee Handbook Mistakes


Credits: 4 HRCI®, 4 SHRM

*This product is non-refundable*

as low as $99.00

Telework in an Age of Uncertainty Course


Now with Bonus Course: Coronavirus in the Workplace

The 5-course bundle, "Telework in an Age of Uncertainty," includes four of our most popular courses on telecommuting and a bonus course, "Addressing the Coronavirus in the Workplace". Topics range from legal implications of telecommuting or remote work to tips for effective virtual meetings.

  • Lesson 1: Legal Risks of Telecommuting In The COVID-19 Climate

  • Lesson 2: Addressing Coronavirus and Other Infectious Diseases in the Workplace

  • Lesson 3: Managing Remote, Virtual, and Telecommuting Workers

  • Lesson 4: Telecommuting and Related Policies and Programs

  • Lesson 5: Working Remotely in the COVID-19 Era

  • Credits: 6.25 HRCI®, 6.25 SHRM

    *This product is non-refundable*

    as low as $149.00

    COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Training


    Meet Mandatory State Training Laws and Prepare Employees to Return to Work

    Several states have begun passing legislation requiring employers to provide employees with COVID-19 safety training. Make sure you are prepared and compliant with this COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Online Training.

    The training course complies with OSHA guidelines and mandatory state training laws such as those in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

    The interactive course is fully narrated and includes numerous interactive animations, video demonstrations, and exercises and will be continually updated as rules and regulations from the CDC, OSHA, and other agencies change. See more details...

    Once you purchase this training, it's available for a full year -- which means you'll always be up-to-date with changing guidelines and can provide employees with a refresher course.

    as low as $20.00

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