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Drug Testing

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Drug-Free Job Application Stickers


Make your Drug-Free Policy Clear to all Applicants

These attorney-reviewed stickers are an easy and affordable way to alert all applicants that your company will not tolerate drug abuse. Just add the sticker to the front page of job applications to ensure applicants will see it right away. It's an effective way to discourage potential abusers from even applying to your company.


EZ Split Drug Test

Drug Testing is a Must - Now You Can Get Fast, Accurate Results Without Risk of Exposure to the Specimen!

Whatever your reason for drug testing, whether it’s to avoid risky hires, abide by DOT regulations, enhance workplace safety and security, or comply with federal contract mandates, HRdirect offers a fast, affordable way to test for drugs.

In less than five minutes, the EZ Split® Drug Test will give you laboratory-accurate drug test results without dipping, tilting, pouring, or mixing! It automatically splits samples into two parts, for original and lab-verified results.

as low as $35.99

Drug-Free Workplace Kit


Communicate Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy to Employees and Applicants

Make employees and applicants aware of your commitmet to a safe, drug-free environment with the Complyright™ Drug-Free Workplace Kit. Drug-free poster and application stickers help reinforce your substance abuse policy and create a sense of trust and safety in your company.