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Employee Engagement

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Supportive Hands Greeting Card


A personal touch can mean so much, especially now!

Show others that your thoughts are with them with this Supportive Hands Greeting Card. This card provides you with enough space to include a personal message, so you can remind others that we are all facing this global pandemic together.

as low as $0.81

"Safety Is In Your Hands" Employee Engagement Kit


Show Your Employees You Care

Use this ”Safety Is In Your Hands” Engagement Kit as a thoughtful way to show employees you truly care about their safety. Aptly branded with the tagline SAFETY Is In Your Hands, each kit provides the tools employees need to protect themselves from germs in the office and beyond. See more details...

Each kit includes 5 items – all for just $16.99

This item will start shipping mid-August

*For safety reasons kits cannot be returned

*Due to high demand the sanitizer & pouch shown may be replaced with a different sanitizer and/or pouch of equal value.


Hand Sanitizer Keychain


Keep Your Hands Clean and Germ Free

Use this sleek Clip Bottle Hand Sanitizer to keep hands protected and germ free. The convenient size is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or it can be clipped onto a key-ring. The tagline SAFETY Is In Your Hands makes this the perfect gift or handout for employees or customers. See more details...

*Due to high demand, sanitizer may be replaced with a different sanitizer of equal value.


No-Contact Safety Tool


Stay Germ Free with A Multi-Use Tool

Avoid contact with contaminated surfaces like door handles, ATM and credit card keypads, elevator buttons and public touchscreens using the No-Contact Safety Tool. The discreet size of this unique gadget makes it easy to keep in your pocket or easily add it to your key ring so it’s available whenever you need it.

The tagline "SAFETY Is In Your Hands" makes this the perfect gift or handout for employees or customers - especially those who are always on the go.