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Every business, big or small, must follow certain administration and recordkeeping requirements. Learn how to effectively manage attendance and pay while keeping compliant with regulations.​​​​​

Tracking Time and Attendance of Your Employees

Make Time and Attendance Tracking Easier

Most employers offer some sort of time off for employees. Although paid holidays, vacation or personal days are a common (and expected) employee benefit, there are few laws surrounding these perks. Learn more about your legal requirements for scheduling and time-off, as well as some best practices for tracking employee attendance.

Scheduling Employee Shifts
Scheduling Employee Shifts

If you’re in charge of creating employee schedules, complaints and conflicts are probably part of your daily life. Follow our advice to keep employees happy while also creating workable schedules.

In this chapter, you'll learn:
  • How to avoid scheduling conflicts during busy seasons
  • Tips for dealing with the most common scheduling complaints
  • Your legal obligations surrounding employee breaks
    Managing Time Off

    For all the time and energy you spend monitoring your staff’s time and productivity while at work, there’s the equally pressing issue of managing their time off. Follow these best practices to ensure your employees are getting the time they're owed without any administrative headaches.

    In this chapter, you'll learn:
    • Advice for creating time-off policies
    • When you’re legally required to give employees time off
    • Other common types of leave
      Managing Time Off