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Employer Compliance

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COBRA Fact Sheet

Easily Explain the Details of COBRA Health Coverage

Have a reliable way to explain COBRA coverage with this clear and detailed sheet. It lists the COBRA health insurance options available when choosing coverage from a qualified plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

ComplyRight FMLA Administration System

Manage FMLA with One Complete System

The ComplyRight™ FMLA Administration System gives you all the FMLA forms, guidelines and information you need to effectively manage FMLA requests according to FMLA regulations. With clear instructions and easy-to-use forms, the system simplifies your FMLA responsibilities.

Interested in a downloadable option?
Try the Fill-and-Save FMLA Administration Form Library.


CPR Poster


CPR Poster Featuring the AHA's CPR Guidelines

Comply with OSHA's requirement for posting critical safety information by hanging the most up-to-date CPR Poster in your workplace. This eye-catching poster provides your employees immediate access to the most current CPR techniques. Clearly illustrated, it can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure in an emergency.


CPR Poster - Spanish


Help Prevent Tragic Accidents

This CPR Poster in Spanish illustrates techniques that can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure, and provides critical information in an emergency. Display this poster today and help prevent tragic accidents; and maybe even save lives!


Davis-Bacon Federal Construction Poster


Display Employee Rights with the Davis-Bacon Act Labor Law Poster

Fulfill your requirements as a federal contractor with the Davis-Bacon Act Poster by ComplyRight. The Davis-Bacon Act requires payments of prevailing wages on federal contracts in excess of $2,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair of public buildings or public works.

If your organization works on federally financed construction projects, you must post certain information about employee rights under the Davis-Bacon Act. This posting contains specifics about minimum wage, overtime, the use of apprentices, and more.

Available in English & Spanish

For guidance on language selection, see Product Options tab below.

English-E2200 / Spanish-E2200S


Downloadable Essential Workplace Policies


Access Over 50 Attorney-Developed Employee Policies

Address workplace issues with written policies on everything from overtime to discrimination and harassment with ComplyRight™ Downloadable Essential Workplace Policies. See more details...

Complies with the June 2020 U.S. Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace.


Downloadable How to Wear PPE for COVID-19 Poster


Ensure Your Workforce of Proper PPE Application and Removal

Make sure your staff of healthcare professionals knows the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) donning and doffing procedures with this Downloadable How to Wear PPE for COVID-19 Poster. This posting walks you through the steps of proper application and removal of personal protective equipment when caring for patients diagnosed with (or suspected to have) COVID-19. These steps are imperative for stopping the spread of germs to yourself, staff members, and other patients.

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Downloadable OSHA Accident Form


Comply with OSHA Reporting Requirements

If your business is subject to OSHA recordkeeping requirements, you are required to keep records of employee illnesses and injuries on approved OSHA accident report forms. This OSHA Accident/Illness Report is perfect for recording each incident.

The Accident/Illness Report (equivalent to OSHA Form 301) can be used to keep this supplemental record of occupational injuries and illnesses. Used in conjunction with OSHA Forms 300 and 300A, the Accident/Illness Report can be used to satisfy most recordkeeping requirements relating to employee illness and injury.

Recordkeeping Note: The law requires that OSHA Accident Report Forms and Illness Report Forms (Form 301) be kept in the establishment for five years. Failure to do so can result in citations and penalties.

This product is a downloadable file. A link to download it will be provided after checkout.


Embossed Folder


Safely Store Client Tax Filings

Keep client tax filings confidential and safe using this Embossed Folder.

  • Available in three colors, dark blue, black or burgundy
  • Features an inside pocket on the right–hand side
  • Includes a slot for a business card
  • $76.95

    Emergency Exit Board


    Display Your Emergency Exit Plan

    Direct employees, customers and visitors to safety by displaying your Emergency Exit or Evacuation Plan. These durable boards are bright red. The vibrant color draws attention and guides everyone to the nearest exit. The boards arrive ready to mount on your wall. Just insert your floor plan and you're all set!


    Emergency First Aid Poster


    Workplace Safety Poster Provides Critical Emergency Tips

    Show how to render quick aid for 37 common injuries and emergencies. Post Emergency Aid Posters in common or high-traffic areas to give employees access to first aid and lifesaving techniques.  


    Emergency Numbers Poster


    Post Critical Information for Fast Access in an Emergency

    If an emergency strikes, will every employee in your company know what to do? Will they know whom to call? The location of the nearest first aid kit? The names of staff members who are trained in CPR and other lifesaving techniques? You’ll be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions simply by placing these Emergency Numbers Posters throughout your place of business.

    This laminated safety poster puts critical information at everyone’s fingertips! When seconds count, this reference will ensure that not a single moment is wasted. It’s an essential step to take in creating an effective emergency preparedness plan!

    Perfectly sized to hang next to every office telephone and in high-traffic areas, the dry-erase surface has ample space to write in and edit your all-important numbers, locations of first aid kits, and other safety information as it changes.

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