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Ethics & Diversity

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Downloadable Employee Diversity Training


Teach Employees why Workplace Sensitivity makes a Difference

Creating a positive and productive work environment requires sensitivity and a solid understanding of what behaviors are acceptable at work. Beyond Race and Religion is a detailed training solution that outlines the elements of diversity and how they affect the workplace. This essential training program will help prevent discrimination and reduce the chance of harassment claims. Your employees will learn to recognize stereotypes and resolve workplace conflict.

This ready-to-go presentation is perfect for a presenter-led setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:
     º Recognizing and avoiding stereotypes
     º Conflict resolution
     º Unacceptable workplace behaviors
     º Benefits of a diverse work environment

Complies with the June 2020 U.S. Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace.


Diversity Training Program


This product has been discontinued.

For the most up-to-date Harassment Training solutions, consider these options:

Online Sexual Harassment Training (50-State Compliant)

Harassment Training Smart App

Downloadable Harassment Training for Employees

Downloadable Harassment Training for Managers


Workplace Ethics and Managing Ethics (English DVDs)

Reinforce Effective Decision Making for an Ethical Workplace

Staff will gain a better understanding of workplace code of conduct and how to make decisions that are ethical. Set the tone by teaching all your employees an ethical decision-making process that can be applied even when the right choice isn’t obvious at first glance.


Diversity & Inclusion: A Step-By-Step Guide Bundle

Diversity & Inclusion Bundle (English DVDs)

This diversity and inclusion training program explains how to get employees to create a cohesive team by helping reduce tension and biases while increasing communication. Managers will learn how to set the tone, prevent discriminatory behavior and be a mentor.


Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences for Managers and Employees (English DVDs)

Create a Respectful, Harassment-Free Workplace

In today’s diverse and often complex workplaces, everyone shares a responsibility for getting along and behaving respectfully. This combination employee/manager training program educates your entire staff on the critical issue of harassment, with guidance on how to embrace diversity and avoid escalating situations.


Bullying and Respect in the Workplace Bundle


The Bullying and Respect in the Workplace Bundle is designed to help employees and managers address workplace bullying in a direct and assertive manner.


Respect Works Here Posters


Encourage an Environment of Respect at Work

The Respect Works Here Posters were designed to promote feelings of inclusiveness and comradery. Embracing diversity in the workplace is more than just a “nice thing to do.” Businesses that actively promote diversity and inclusion often see return through increased productivity and innovation.

There are 4 posters to choose from with various messages about the value of a diverse workforce:

  • Differences Make Us Human. Respect Makes Us a Team
  • We Stand Together Against Discrimination
  • Diversity Makes Us Stronger
  • Respect Diversity - Embrace Unity
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