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Fiscal Year Attendance Calendar


Track attendance July - June with a fiscal year calendar

We took our best-selling employee attendance tracking form and reorganized it into fiscal year format. Offering all the same great time-saving features, the Fiscal Year Attendance Calendar™ makes it easy to keep track of who’s at work and who's repeatedly out for three-day weekends.

Starting in July and ending in June, record an entire year of attendance with easy codes you mark directly on the card. It’s the perfect solution for spotting troubling absence patterns.


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  • Having an entire year view makes spotting attendance patterns quick and convenient
  • Tracking attendance is quick and easy using convenient reason codes to identify absences - over 20 codes to choose from
  • Fiscal year format starts in July and runs through June
  • Back side of card includes ample space to record notes and warnings
  • Special section for tracking sick time and accrued vacation days
  • Provides key documentation for performance reviews, unemployment disputes and tracking leaves
  • Available in 25- and 50-packs