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Customized Presentation Folder- Capacity


Make a big, memorable impression that makes people feel welcomed

If you have a large presentation packet to include in the company meeting, then allow these Capacity Presentation Folders to come to the rescue. The larger folder pockets and spine allow more room for storing print outs, new employee forms or benefits information. Plus, employees can repurpose the folders for other information sheets or important documents after use. Customize the folders with your company name and logo for a special touch.

  • Durable linen-finish stock (except Marble, in glossy)
  • Two pockets neatly hold plenty of material
  • Contains die-cut slots for your business card
  • Larger ¼" pockets and ½" spine offer extra storage space
  • Customizable with your choice of foil, title, company name or logo

Folder colors and titles and interchangeable

Folder Colors:
Blue, Green, Burgundy, Black and Blue Marble

Foil Colors
Gold or Silver

A. Welcome to (Customizable)
B. Welcome to our Company
C. Welcome to the Team
D. Employee Benefits
E. Welcome to Our Company Classic
F. Welcome to the Team Classic
G. Employee Benefits Folder Classic
H. Custom

Product Specifications:

  • Price is per folder
  • Minimum order of 10
  • Size: Approximately 9" x 12", ¼" pockets and ½" spine

Old Item # A0638, A0644, A0647