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Texas State-Compliant Job Application


Capture the critical information on Texas job applications the smart and legal way

ComplyRight Texas State-Compliant Job Application is the best way to gather the probing, job-related information you need without crossing into illegal territory. They’re so thorough they serve as pre-interviews. Attorney-approved, they’re carefully worded to include the correct language and proper legal disclosures required for all federal and Texas state laws. Plus, when there’s a legal change to your state, the ComplyRight Notification Service will automatically let you know it’s time to update!

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The attorney approved Texas State-Compliant Job Application includes:

  • A state-specific criminal question regarding sealed criminal records
  • Ample space to capture detailed employment history, skills, education and more
  • Authorization for employment references and disclosures protecting employer from liability
  • An expiration date and reinforces that employment is at-will
  • A Screening & Interviewing guide filled with valuable information to help you through the hiring process
  • Personalize your job application with your company name and logo on our imprinted state-compliant job application

All employers in the city of Austin, TX must "ban the box" on criminal questions. For the most compliant and up-to-date job application click here.

Product Specifications

  • Price per package of 50
  • 4 pages, 8.5” x 11” each