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Easy and effective OSHA compliance, OSHA forms and a built-in OSHA manual all on your PC

Meeting OSHA guidelines and staying OSHA-compliant is easier than ever with Gradience® OSHA Manager. This wizard-driven application uses your answers to determine whether an incident requires filing, then automatically populates the required injury/illness reports with your entered data. In addition, users can learn about essential industry- and area-specific recordkeeping policies.

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  • Includes Mandatory Employee Notice to comply with August 10, 2016 OSHA notification deadline
  • Updated OSHA Rules with new electronic recordkeeping rule
  • Protects the identity of those involved in designated privacy cases
  • Allows revisions to existing incidents/cases
  • Includes SmartUpdate by ComplyRight, which automatically alerts you when your software needs an update to stay current with new governmental compliance guidelines, rules or laws. Free for the calendar year of your software release.
  • Includes helpful self-inspection checklists and OSHA letters of interpretation
  • Contains OSHA's Top 10 Safety Violations and tips on preventing them
  • Requires annual renewal to comply with guidelines, rules, and laws

This purchase is for a one year software download license. It requires an annual renewal for continued use.

Technical Support:

    All Gradience titles include access to the online self-service support knowledgebase at Gradience Support

System Requirements:

  • 60 MB hard disk space
  • Only compatible with Windows® 7 (64- or 32-bit)
  • All purchases for GRadience titles will be delivered via email that includes a link to download the software. To obtain the CD-ROM version, call 800.999.9111

Old Item # S1602DL

Creates and prints these documents:

  • Form 300
  • Individual Accident Details
  • Form 300A
  • Sharps Injury Log
  • Form 301
  • Privacy Case Log
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Information
  • Reports on Injury and Illness Incidence Rates