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Payroll Change Form


Quickly document changes in payroll status with a ComplyRight™ payroll change notice

Easily track changes to an employee's pay and status including payroll job title and withholding rate with our Employee Payroll Change Form. Plus it provides legal documentation in case of any disputes.

  • Includes fields to collect all information necessary to revise and document changes to an employee's pay status
  • IncludesFREE tip sheet

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 8 1/2 x 11
  • Price per package of 50

Old Item # AH0394, A400

DO have employees fill out a new form W-4 when you check the “Enter on Payroll” or “Change Withholding Rate” boxes

Don’t deny employees leave of absence or wages during the absence without verifying applicable federal and state laws

DO file a payroll change notice securely because it includes information that should remain confidential

Don’t include notes based on opinions because a payroll change notice can be used as evidence if there’s a legal challenge

DO record only concrete facts and violations of company policy in the “Reason for Termination” section

Don’t assume that, just because you pay an employee a salary, he/she is exempt from overtime. An employee’s status is determined by job responsibilities under the FLSA

You are required by various state and federal laws to retain your employee records for a certain amount of time — depending on the kind of record and how it was used.

Under federal law, payroll records must be retained for at least three years, and records relating to hiring, discipline and termination must be retained for at least one year from the date created or the relevant personnel action, whichever is later.