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Supervisor's Journal


Document Employee Performance Easily with This Helpful Handbook for Managers

Thorough documentation of employee performance - both positive and negative - serves many purposes: It helps managers get the best performance from each person on staff, provides clear and objective input for performance appraisals, and can serve as strong defensive evidence in unemployment disputes. The Supervisor’s Journal is designed to achieve all three by helping managers keep thorough records of each employee’s progress and shortcomings in one handy, journal-sized binder.


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Product includes:

  • (1) Supervisor’s Guide to Documentation and Discipline, a guide that shows supervisors how to monitor, document and address employee performance issues legally and effectively
  • (1) Employee Contact Information, a document that puts emergency contact information for all employees together so it can be accessed on demand
  • (10) Performance Tracker, one for each employee, helps to record specific comments, day to day, with a calendar-style format, and make detailed journal entries
  • (1) Monthly Planner, allows you to see a month’s schedule at a glance. It's an easy way to see vacation time, birthdays, anniversaries, and performance appraisal due dates for all employees

Product Specifications:

  • Journal: 3-ring binder, 47 pages.
  • Convenient desk size: 7" x 9"; page inserts: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"