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#SHRM2014: A Recap to Read from Your Office

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If workplace priorities or a family vacation prevented you from traveling to Orlando this year for the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference and Exposition, we're here to help. HRdirect highlights how the SHRM guests captured the annual conference in 140 characters or less.

Optimism is a powerful muscle

Robin Roberts spoke at the opening general session about personal transformation. After Roberts recounted her personal struggles and opportunities, attendees left the session inspired by her personal journey and her faith in optimism. Roberts emphasized the need to focus on the small, daily tasks to achieve big goals.

Proof in the performance

The corporate world is growing fast and HR is an integral force in the 'big data' era. Corporate knowledge has doubled in the past decade, but what can we do with this information? Use this power for good with new recruiting strategy, recognition programs and performance reviews.

The power of social

HR pros know that social recruiting isn't the only source for talent acquisition, but it's one of the newest on the landscape, making it tweet-worthy. When incorporating social or digital technology into your recruiting practices, make sure the process is flexible and accessible.

Stay at the table

With Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) popping up in corporate organizations, the role of Human Resources in business strategy is more important than ever. HR teams must develop strategies to optimize workforce contributions and meet regularly with executives to align goals.

Don't forget that HR likes to have fun, too!

SHRM guests won swag, attended meetups, and partied at the Social Bash Monday and the Tim McGraw concert Tuesday.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your employees

Many conversations at SHRM revolved around keeping your core workforce motivated and engaged. Session speakers such as David Novak shared the secrets of success for corporate culture and employee empowerment. Simple steps such as getting your team on board and setting big goals will help you grow your team, define the company culture and improve employee engagement.

#SHRM2015 or bust!

The SHRM 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition will be held next year in Las Vegas, Nevada. See you in Sin City!