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HRcalendar runs on Windows® 7, which is longer supported by Microsoft as of January 14th — no security updates, no technical fixes. This means that 2020 is the last year we can provide HRcalendar software. Scroll down to learn more about how this transition may affect your business.

HRdirect has a special offer to help you transition to a new electronic attendance-tracking solution: Gradience® Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping and our Attendance Calendar Smart App. Both solutions provide more features than HRcalendar, at a lower price.

Gradience® Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping
Gradience® Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping
  • Ideal for tracking attendance for an unlimited number of employees
  • Ready to use with a collection of standard reports and preset absence codes
  • Customizable (accrual plans, time-off banks, reporting and more)
  • Robust — similar to a mini HRIS 

Regular Price: $599
Special Offer for HRcalendar Customers: $299.50

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Attendance Calendar Smart App
Attendance Calendar Smart App
  • Easy to use just like HRcalendar
  • Web-based for accessibility anytime, anywhere
  • Affordable
  • Secure — data is backed up and protected automatically

Regular Price: $90
Special Offer for HRcalendar Customers: $72.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Microsoft discontinuing support of Windows 7?
When Microsoft released Windows 7 in October 2009, it made a commitment to provide 10 years of product support. Their intent was to end support in 2019 so they could invest in newer technologies. Read more on the Microsoft's site.

What will happen if I don’t upgrade my computer(s) to Windows 10?
While Windows 7 will continue to function, it will become more vulnerable to security risks now that support has ended. Even if there is a significant security hole, Microsoft will not issue any updates to address the threat. Antivirus software may help to some degree but that is only one layer of security protection and not a sure-fire solution.

What will happen if I upgrade to Windows 10 and then try to use HRcalendar?
HRcalendar was designed to work on the Windows 7 operating system. Attempting to use the software on another operating system, such as Windows 10, will not be successful.

What should I do if I upgraded to Windows 10 and my HRcalendar software is no longer working?
If you still have a computer with Windows 7 on it, you can continue to use HRcalendar. However, your computer may be vulnerable to security issues now that support has ended. What’s more, HRcalendar will no longer be available after the 2020 release. To discuss the next generation of attendance-tracking options, please contact HRdirect’s Customer Service area at 800.888.4040.

Can I revert back to Windows 7 in order to continue using HRcalendar?
Yes. You can continue to use HRcalendar on a computer that has Windows 7. However, your computer may be vulnerable to security issues now that support has ended.

Is there a plan to make a new version of HRcalendar that will work with Windows 10?
No. Unfortunately, there’s a major difference between maintaining HRcalendar and adapting it for a new operating system. The resources required to make HRcalendar Windows 10 friendly are focused on the next generation of attendance-tracking products.

Should I wait until the end of 2020 to upgrade or should I upgrade now?
We recommend upgrading to one of HRdirect’s other electronic attendance-tracking options as soon as possible. You can use both platforms while you transfer information from HRcalendar to the new program and get comfortable with your upgraded solution.

I’m not sure which solution is right for me: Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping or the Attendance Calendar Smart App. How can I find out more information?
The chart below will provide a quick comparison. For additional details, call us at 800-888-4040.

 Gradience Attendance with Employee RecordkeepingAttendance Calendar
Smart App
Has present absence codes
Allows you to create custom absence codes
Is accessible 24-7 from anyplace with an internet connection  
Populates your employee data into other Smart Apps  
Provides live customer support  
Is ideal for smaller businesses (<50 employees)  
Automated backup and highest levels of security  
Allows you to add unlimited employees  
Maintains critical employee information including benefits, salary history, performance reviews and more  
Prints employee ID badges  
Allows customizable, multi-level time-off banks  
Includes accurals  
Serves as a mini HRIS