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I-9 & W-4 Smart App

Take Your New Hire Paperwork Online with NO Learning Curve!

Reduce the time you spend collecting and processing new-hire forms with the HRdirect I-9 & W-4 Smart App. Our web-based app automates tedious workflows and simplifies data entry.

Your forms will always be completed promptly, accurately and securely.

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I-9 and W-4 Forms Done in 4 Easy Steps!

  • Step 1

    Enter the new employee’s name and email address

    Quickly give employees online access on or before their first day so they can fill out their new hire forms right away. Built-in email workflow means immediate delivery and no paper forms to chase.

    Deliver your electronic I-9 And W-4 Form request before the employee's first day via email. No more paper forms to provide, chase down, or store in your cabinets.
  • Step 2

    Employee completes the forms with ease

    A guided experience and split-screen view makes it simple and intuitive for employees to enter their information. One side captures the data while the other side automatically displays the populated form. You’ll see fewer mistakes and receive fewer questions.

    This online I-9 form app reduces the chances of errors while employees fill-in their information. The side-by-side guidance also minimizes questions on the employee's part.
  • Step 3

    The employee’s completed forms are delivered to you

    Built-in workflow guides you through the entire process with timely reminders and notifications so you (and your employees!) stay on track. Easily view the status of each form in progress.

    The built-in, guided workflow of this electronic I-9 app simplifies the process for both you and the new hire. Reminders and notifications keep you on track as well.
  • Step 4

    Complete your portion of the I-9 based on the employee’s documents

    All forms are stored in the employee’s profile.

    All I-9 and W-4 information is automatically stored in your employee's profile. You can complete your part of the digital I-9 based on your new hire's documents.
  • It’s That Easy — You’re in Compliance!

    Forms are stored and available to download, print, or update

    Have confidence you’re always in full compliance with USCIS and IRS recordkeeping and retention laws. The App will notify you of any deadlines for re-verification and when forms can be discarded. It’s also easy to print I-9 and W-4 documentation for internal or external audits.

    Your electronic I-9 and W-4 forms are compliant with current USCIS and IRS recordkeeping and retention laws. You can also download, print, audit or re-verify and update the information in the digital forms.

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HRdirect Smart Apps Benefits

Compliance You Can Trust

Compliance You Can Trust

Legal compliance is not only our priority, it’s our passion. Our in-house attorneys, legal researchers and HR experts act as employer advocates to provide products and services that meet current compliance requirements. You can always be confident that your Smart Apps are up to date and 100% compliant.

3 Levels of Security

3 Levels of Security

We employ the most current and sophisticated security measures so you can be confident your information remains confidential.

Find out what makes our service safe and secure for your business.

Free Employee Records App

Free Employee Records App

With every app purchase, you get the Employee Records App FREE. This app allows you to connect to your most used employee data instantly. All data is shared seamlessly between all your Smart Apps.

Learn more about Employee Records.

Fits Your Budget

Fits Your Budget

Pay just $90 a year – a price that will fit your budget

Plus, Smart Apps are web-based so there’s no install to deal with and you will be able to access your information anywhere you have an internet connection.

Smart App purchases are non-refundable.