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Leah Hollis

About Leah Hollis

Leah P. Hollis EdD, is president and founder of Patricia Berkly LLC, a healthy workplace advocate at www.diversitytrainingconsultants.com. Her recent book, Bully in the Ivory Tower: How Aggression and Incivility Erode American Higher Education is based on independent research on 175 colleges and universities. Dr. Hollis has an extensive career in higher education administration where she has held senior leadership and faculty posts. She has taught at Northeastern University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University. She is currently an assistant professor in the Community College Leadership Doctoral Program at Morgan State University Further, she has earned certifications in EEO Law/Affirmative Action and Conflict Resolution and Investigation from the American Association for Affirmative Action. Her research interests focus on the healthy workplace and issues that deal with college athletics and at-risk students.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Jaime Lizotte
Presented by: Jaime Lizotte, HR & Tax Compliance Solutions Manager