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Create Your Own Thumball with Marker

Make a Fun, Customized Icebreaker for Training and Meetings

Get people of all ages learning and sharing with this unique creative training game. It’s fun and simple: Write your content and topics in the 30 blank panels. Then toss the ball. When somebody catches it, they talk about the topic under his or her thumb. No other staff training games are this much of a ball!

Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People

The right phrase for every situation - every time

Whether it's hiring employees or creating teams, the Perfect Phrases series has the tools for precise, effective communication in any situation. With Perfect Phrases books, you have all the phrases you need to get things done, right at your fingertips!

Perfect Phrases for Documenting Employee Performance Problems

The Right Phrase for Every Situation - Every Time

Whether it's interviewing for a job, evaluating employee performance, setting goals for the future, or keeping customers happy, the Perfect Phrases series has the tools for precise, effective business communication. Distilling complex ideas into specific phrases that diplomatically and honestly depict the concepts at hand.

The Big Book of Humorous Training Games

A fun way to Teach Managers & Employees Effective Motivational Skills

Boost your team’s skills and drive with this stimulating, fun-filled book of training games. Expertly written to teach managers and employees important skills, it also helps to generate enthusiasm and vigorous involvement. The Big Book of Humorous Training Games uses such techniques as role-playing, charades, brainstorming and more.


The Big Book of Leadership Games

A fun way to Teach Managers Effective Leadership Skills

Filled with a variety of quick activities that can help teach managers effective leadership skills in a fun environment, The Big Book of Leadership Games is a wonderful training tool you’ll refer to again and again.


Top 10 TV Game Show Super Pack

Liven up Training with Fun Games to Motivate Employees

Now training employees is a lot more fun and effective. This collection of employee games runs within PowerPoint so you can conduct training with tools you already know. The simple and customizable training game for employees are based on TV classics.

Includes these games:

  1.      • InJeopardy Quiz Show – Answer with a question
  2.      • Are You Smarter Than? – No fifth graders required
  3.      • Deal Quiz Show – Play for “cash” in the box or take the Banker’s Offer
  4.      • Hollywood Tic Tac Dough – Train with X’s and O’s
  5.      • Mazing Race Quiz Show – Run the maze of questions to earn points
  6.      • Millionaire Wannabe – Answer harder and harder questions to reach a million
  7.      • Money Taxi Quiz Show – Take a quiz during a taxi ride through New York
  8.      • Survival Quiz Show – See which team has the answers they need to survive
  9.      • Tribal Feud Quiz Show – Get the right answers with your work family
  10.      • Wheel of Wealth – Solve the puzzle by answering training questions correctly