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OSHA & Safety

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One-Way Floor Decal


Promote Safe Distancing in the Workplace

Communicate to employees and customers that your business is practicing social distancing by controlling the flow of traffic with these One-Way Floor Decals.

Decals will adhere to hardwood, cement and tile floors as well as carpet. They are designed to last up to 6 months (even in high-traffic areas) and are available in four different colors. See more details...


Forklift Safety Poster

Prevent Forklift Injuries - Post these Safety Steps!

Laminated forklift safety posters serve as a daily reminder to employees who operate forklifts or other powered industrial trucks on crucial safety steps that can save lives and prevent damage to materials being transported. This safety poster covers safe driving, safe loading, safe maintenance and battery changing, operator and personnel safety, and general safe operations.


Social Distancing Floor Decals


Keep Everyone at a Safe Distance with Decals

Inform employees and customers where it’s appropriate to stand in order to practice social distancing using these large Social Distance Floor Decals.

You choose which message to communicate “Please Wait Here to Maintain a Safe Distance” or “Stay Safe While Shopping, Practice Social Distancing. Keep 6 Feet Between Yourself and Other Shoppers”.

Decals will adhere to hardwood, cement and tile floors as well as carpet. They are designed to last up to 6 months, even in high-traffic areas. See more details...


Substance Abuse Poster Set


Send a Powerful Message to the Workplace about Substance Abuse

With Prescription Drug Abuse … Your Work Is Done.

Nearly three of every four people involved in substance abuse hold jobs. One in every four workers aged 18 to 34 used drugs in the past year; and one worker in three knows of drug sales in the workplace. Those involved in substance abuse are five times more likely than other workers to injure themselves or coworkers, and cause 40% of industrial fatalities. They increase the risk of accidents, lower productivity, compromise product quality, raise insurance costs and reduce profits. So, it literally pays to fight substance abuse and strive for a drug-free workplace.


Heat Stress Safety Poster


The Heat Related Illnesses Poster covers topics such as:

  •      • Safety Tips
  •      • Dehydration
  •      • Heat Cramps
  •      • Heat Exhaustion
  •      • Heatstroke



Ergonomics Informational Poster


The Industrial Ergonomics Poster covers topics such as:

     • Force 
     • Repetition
     • Awkward and Static Postures
     • Contact stress
     • Environmental Risks
     • Vibration
     • Controls



Forklift Daily Checklist


Prevent Accidents and Stay in Compliance with this Convenient Checklist


Making sure that your workplace is always in compliance with forklift safety regulations can be time consuming but if you don’t do it, a major accident could result. Use the Forklift Daily Checklist to eliminate any worries. Keep your forklift operators on the alert to safety risks and remind them of their daily obligation to protect property and prevent accidents.


Forklift Operator Evaluation Form


Evaluate the Skills of Forklift Operators


Forklift Operator Evaluation Forms help you accurately determine your operators’ existing skills behind the wheel and easily recognize which skill areas need improvement or complete retraining.


This Is a Smoke-Free Workplace Sign in 7" x 10"


Clear the Air with Smoke Free Property Signs

Emphasize your company’s no-smoking policy and encourage a smoke-free environment with Smoke Free Property Signs.


This Is a Smoke-Free Workplace Sign in 10" x 14"


Enforce Your Company Policies with a Smoke Free Facility Sign

Make your no smoking message clear to employees and visitors with This Is a Smoke-Free Workplace Sign.


No Alcohol Or Drugs Permitted On Property Sign


Keep Your Facility Safe with a No Alcohol or Drugs Permitted on Property Sign

Get your company policy message across with our No Alcohol or Drugs Permitted on Property Sign.


Loss or Damage Parked Car Sign


Minimize Liability with Company Is Not Responsible for Damage to Parked Car Sign

Reduce the risk of complications for your company with Management Not Responsible for the Loss or Damage Safety Signs.


No Smoking/Vaping/Use of Any Tobacco Products or Devices Si


Keep the Air Clear with a No Smoking Sign

Clearly communicate your zero-tolerance policy for any type of smoking activity with our No Smoking Sign.


No Pets Allowed Sign in 7" x 10"


Keep Pets Out of Your Facility with a No Pets Allowed Sign

Easily enforce a no pet policy with our No Pets Allowed Signage.


No Pets Allowed Sign in 10" x 14"


Keep Animals and Employees Safe with a No Pets Allowed Warning Sign

Easily enforce your company’s no pet policy with our No Pets Allowed Warning Sign.


SDS Binder and Dividers


Keep Employees Properly Informed About Chemicals in the Workplace

This SDS binder and dividers set helps keep required SDS information organized while staying current on OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. With the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for chemical labeling, employee communication is vital to help businesses with GHS HAZCOM training. Employers are required to train workers on the new GHS labeling system and how to read and interpret a safety data sheet.


Essential Personnel Window Cling


Help Essential Personnel Identify Themselves

In order to better control an outbreak of an infectious disease, your business may ask that only essential personnel continue to work. Employees can add the Essential Company Personnel Window Cling to their vehicle to identify themselves to law enforcement.


Essential Company Window Cling


Identify Your Essential Business

Indicate to the community and law enforcement that your company operates as an essential business with our Essential Company Window Cling. Showcase this cling in storefront windows or on glass entry doors.


Patient Waiting Area Poster Set


Let Patients and Visitors Know You Take Their Health Seriously

Inform incoming patients and visitors of the safety measures currently upheld in your facility, as well as additional measures they can take to protect themselves from COVID-19 with this Patient Waiting Area Poster Bundle.

The bundle includes 2 posters related to the infectious disease:

  • Keeping Patients Safe Poster
  • Protect Yourself if You're High Risk Poster
  • $32.99

    Acrylic Shields


    Create a Barrier of Protection for Employees

    Improve workplace safety during these challenging times by adding an Acrylic Shield between your employees and customers.

    Each acrylic shield features an opening at the bottom to allow for the exchange of currency or documents. See more details...


    Cover Coughs and Sneezes Poster


    Communicate Proper Hygiene Practices to Children

    As more schools and childcare services begin to open up, make sure you are informing the children how to reduce the spread of germs with this Cover Coughs and Sneezes Poster. Recommended by the CDC, this poster features a kid-friendly design with simple instructions on what they can do to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases. See more details...


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