OSHA Compliance

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Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Handy Kit Protects Employees During Biohazard Cleanup

Exposure to hazardous chemicals and/or bodily fluids can result in serious infections. Give your employees the protection they need to clean up spills - and save your company all the expenses (testing, lost time, disability payments) that a single exposure can cause. The Bloodborne Pathogen And Bodily Fluid Spill Kit is designed to protect employees during bodily fluid and bio hazard cleanup.


Forklift Training Program


Teach Forklift Operators Safe Practices

Your forklift drivers can learn the ins and outs of proper forklift operation with this all-in-one training program that covers the basics of operation, driving concepts, lifting and loading procedures and more.


Forklift Training Program Bilingual


Teach Forklift Operators Safe Practices

Your forklift drivers can learn the ins and outs of proper forklift operation with this all-in-one training program that covers the basics of operation, driving concepts, lifting and loading procedures and more.


Forklift Training Set Bilingual


Comply with Forklift Regulations and Ensure Forklift Safety

With the Forklift Training Compliance Bundle, you'll have the tools you need to make forklift safety a priority and ensure your company follows OSHA rules.


GHS Hazard Communication Training Program


Train Employees on OSHA's Safety Signs and Symbols

With the GHS Hazard Communication Training, you can synchronize with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), which establishes a more consistent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information.

OSHA aligned its standard with the United Nations' global versions of safety signs and symbols for chemical warning labels (the Globally Harmonized System or GHS) to improve safety. The system uses standardized safety stickers along with more consistent hazard symbols to better protect workers.

As part of the Hazard Communication Standard, employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must train workers on chemical warning labels and how to interpret a safety data sheet, or SDS.


PPE Training Kit


Train on Topics Needed to Comply with OSHA's Requirement that Employers Protect Their Employees from Workplace Hazards

Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms: sharp edges, falling objects, flying sparks, chemicals, noise and a myriad of other potentially dangerous situations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury. Available in USB or DVD, this training program addresses areas needed to comply with the requirement.


SDS Training Poster

Educate Employees on Key SDS Information Under OSHA's Revised HazCom Standard

The SDS Training Poster clearly outlines the 16-section format of a safety data sheet. Displaying this poster makes it easier for employees to read and understand SDS information while also alerting them to the dangers of workplace chemicals.

As part of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), all employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must provide clear, uniform SDS information for their exposed workers in the form of SDSs (safety data sheets), formerly known as MSDS labels.


OSHA Safety Poster


The OSHA Safety Poster by ComplyRight supports HazCom standards and combines top safety posters in one easy-to-post display.

To better protect workers, OSHA aligned our nation’s hazard communications standards with the United Nations’ global chemical labeling system, or Globally Harmonized System (GHS). All employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must train workers on the chemical labeling system and how to interpret a safety data sheet (SDS).


CPR and Choking Poster Set


CPR and Choking Poster Set

Comply with OSHA's requirement for posting critical safety information by hanging the most up-to-date CPR & Choking posters in your workplace. The CPR Poster and Choking Poster include the most recent techniques from the American Heart Association. 


CPR Poster


CPR Poster Featuring the AHA's CPR Guidelines

Comply with OSHA's requirement for posting critical safety information by hanging the most up-to-date CPR Poster in your workplace. This eye-catching poster provides your employees immediate access to the most current CPR techniques. Clearly illustrated, it can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure in an emergency.


Forklift Daily Checklist


Prevent Accidents and Stay in Compliance with this Convenient Checklist


Making sure that your workplace is always in compliance with forklift safety regulations can be time consuming but if you don’t do it, a major accident could result. Use the Forklift Daily Checklist to eliminate any worries. Keep your forklift operators on the alert to safety risks and remind them of their daily obligation to protect property and prevent accidents.


Forklift Operator Evaluation Form


Evaluate the Skills of Forklift Operators


Forklift Operator Evaluation Forms help you accurately determine your operators’ existing skills behind the wheel and easily recognize which skill areas need improvement or complete retraining.


GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster

Provide Quick, Critical Labeling Information Under OSHA's New Hazard Communication Training Rules

Display this GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster to protect your employees from workplace danger and your company from safety violations. This OSHA-compliant safety training poster explains the symbols and language of the required GHS labeling system.

Posting this crucial information alerts your employees to chemical hazards in the workplace. The GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster explains the labels and includes a sample. In a bold, quick-reference format, the poster also highlights all the OSHA pictograms that must be included on labels. It's a perfect way to meet OSHA training requirements.


Lockout/Tagout Program

Instruct Personnel in Lockout/Tagout

When machinery is idle or being serviced, an accidental startup or release of energy can cause serious harm to employees. The Lockout/Tagout Training Program has all you need to train and certify personnel in using lockout and tagout devices to prevent these accidents, in accordance with OSHA standards.


OSHA Accident Report Form


Comply with OSHA Reporting Requirements


If your business is subject to OSHA recordkeeping requirements, you are required to keep records of employee illnesses and injuries on approved OSHA accident report forms. This OSHA Accident/Illness Report is perfect for recording each incident.

The Accident/Illness Report (equivalent to OSHA Form 301) can be used to keep this supplemental record of occupational injuries and illnesses. Used in conjunction with OSHA Forms 300 and 300A, the Accident/Illness Report can be used to satisfy most recordkeeping requirements relating to employee illness and injury.

Recordkeeping note: The law requires that OSHA Accident Report Forms and Illness Report Forms (Form 301) be kept in the establishment for five years. Failure to do so can result in citations and penalties.


OSHA Form 301


Satisfy OSHA's Accident and Illness Reporting Requirement

This important form documents more details than OSHA Form 300, including how the injury/illness occurred, any substances involved, healthcare providers involved, and more.


OSHA Injury & Illness Recordkeeping Folder


Keep OSHA Safety Training Records Organized and Accessible

Don't be caught unprepared when an OSHA inspection happens. Keep your OSHA mandated safety training records organized and easy to review in an employee safety training folder. This convenient employee records folder stores emergency information, accident reports, training records, violations, specific harzardous material records, personal protective equipment requirements and more. Having each employee's safety training information organized also helps you keep track of training needs, so you won't miss a critical training deadline and risk OSHA fines.


OSHA Inspection Fast Answers Quick Reference Card

Know how to handle OSHA inspections and response with answers to common questions
as low as $13.99

OSHA Recordkeeping System


Keep OSHA Safety Forms and Information Organized

Every year, between February 1 and April 30, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules require covered businesses* to review the prior year's OSHA safety forms and post a summary of injury and illness information. The ComplyRight™ OSHA Recordkeeping System takes the guesswork out of the regulations and makes it easy to complete your OSHA safety forms and post the right OSHA safety information, in full compliance with the law. 


SDS Binder and Dividers


Keep Employees Properly Informed About Chemicals in the Workplace

This SDS binder and dividers set helps keep required SDS information organized while staying current on OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. With the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for chemical labeling, employee communication is vital to help businesses with GHS HAZCOM training. Employers are required to train workers on the new GHS labeling system and how to read and interpret a safety data sheet.


SDS Training Poster - Spanish


Educate Employees on Key SDS Information

The SDS Training Poster in Spanish ensures that your Spanish-speaking and bilingual employees will know how to read a safety data sheet, as required by OSHA. These valuable safety posters guide you through each section of the SDS, explaining the critical information that is essential for preventing accidents and saving lives in an emergency. It explains chemical flammability, reactivity, health risks, safe handling, protective equipment, and more.

The addition of just one SDS safety poster to each area where hazardous materials are in use will help ensure that your employees understand the vital information contained on the SDS and comply with OSHA regulations.


Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Training


Prevent the Most Common Workplace Accidents

This training program helps you effectively deal with two challenges: complying with OSHA's walking and working surface standards and ensuring that employees are aware of harzards in the workplace. 


Understanding Hazardous Material Labels Poster

Poster Meets OSHA Haz-Com Requirements!

Our OSHA safety poster provides a wealth of information regarding OSHA's hazardous materials regulations, providing ratings for health hazards, flammability and reactivity.

The fully compliant OSHA information on this workplace safety poster includes health hazard definitions and the dangers they present to your employees; personal protection symbols; and examples of chemical labeling and NFPA hazard ratings.

Protect your employees from workplace hazards and your company from OSHA safety violations with this and other OSHA mandated safety products from HRdirect.

as low as $20.00