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Workplace Policies & Employee Recordkeeping

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Employee Records Jacket Legal Expanded


Expandable Legal Size Folder Maintains Employee Records Securely

The Employee Records Jacket - Expanding Legal Size stores all confidential documents for each employee in one convenient location. The jacket features fields for frequently referenced employee information such as home address, emergency contact and dates of employment - making hours spent sifting through files a thing of the past. Plus, it expands up to an inch for ample storage.


Employee Records Jacket


Keep Personnel Records Organized and Secure

The Employee Records Jacket - Letter Size stores confidential employee documents in one convenient location. Jacket features fields for frequently requested employee information such as home address, emergency contact and dates of employment - making hours spent sifting through files a thing of the past.


Drug-Free Workplace Kit


Communicate Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy to Employees and Applicants

Make employees and applicants aware of your commitmet to a safe, drug-free environment with the Complyright™ Drug-Free Workplace Kit. Drug-free poster and application stickers help reinforce your substance abuse policy and create a sense of trust and safety in your company.


Employee Records Jacket Legal


A Legal Size Jacket Keeps Employee Documents Safe and Secure

The Employee Records Jacket - Legal Size stores legal forms and papers inside with ample space for notes on the outside. The folder keeps employee information including pay rates, employment periods and related information for fast access.

This item is currently out of stock. We expect orders to start shipping again by early January.


Employee Records Jacket Expanded


Organize and Store All Confidential Employee Documents in this Expandable Folder

The Employee Records Jacket - Expanding Letter Size keeps employee information in one convenient location. The jacket has ample space for notes and includes fields for important reference such as home address, emergency contact and dates of employment. The folder expands up to an inch for plenty of document storage.


Employee Record Retention Chart


Stay Compliant with Recordkeeping Laws

Nowadays there are numerous recordkeeping laws for employers to adhere to. Be sure to abide by them all with the help of this Employee Record Retention Chart.

This informational chart breaks down current recordkeeping standards by record type, retention period, and applicable federal law. See more details...


Attendance Record Organizer Folder


Attendance Folder For Your Employee Record Organizer System

This folder not only organizes your employee attendance paperwork - it actually helps simplify it - by capturing important information on the folder itself. Use alone or with the ComplyRight™ Employee Record Organizer (A3101) for the perfect all-in-one record filing solution.See more details...


Drug Abuse Poster


Send a Powerful Message to the Workplace About Substance Abuse

Drugs Shred Lives

Nearly three of every four people involved in substance abuse hold jobs. One in every four workers aged 18 to 34 used drugs in the past year; and one worker in three knows of drug sales in the workplace. Those involved in substance abuse are five times more likely than other workers to injure themselves or coworkers, and cause 40% of industrial fatalities. They increase the risk of accidents, lower productivity, compromise product quality, raise insurance costs and reduce profits.


Political Activities Poster Set


Communicate Your Stance on Politics in the Workplace

The Political Activities Poster Set includes two different posters. One lets staff know the do’s and don’ts for political speech and activities; the other addresses political harassment and coercion, as well as requesting time off to vote.
See more details...


Fill-and-Save™ HR Form Library: FMLA Administration


Manage FMLA Leave with a Complete, Electronic Form System

This collection of essential FMLA forms provides the convenience and benefits of Fill-and-Save™ technology: documents can be sent electronically, and employees/supervisors/managers can complete them by typing directly into fillable fields. Each form is continually monitored and guaranteed to comply with the latest FMLA regulations, and accessible anytime, anywhere, by multiple members of your business. The Library offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to send and store forms electronically for paperless “paperwork,” or print out copies for personnel files. Either way, the most up-to-date FMLA forms and guidance are just a login away. See more details...

Watch this Video to see how easy using the Fill-and-Save HR Form Libraries can be.

Forms require Adobe or Acrobat Reader

Forms will be available 1-12 hours after your order is placed, M - F.
See Product Specifications tab for details.

This product is for an annual subscription and will automatically renew after 1 year.


Fill-and-Save Separation Notice


Satisfy the documentation needed when an employee resigns, is terminated or laid off, or retires.

Fill-and-Save™ technology allows you to fill out the form electronically (and email to your employees if necessary). Completed forms can be stored electronically as PDFs or printed out for paper recordkeeping. See more details...

This product is a downloadable file. A link will be provided in your Order Confirmation email after checkout.


State-Specific HR Policies Library


This collection of essential state-specific company policies allows users to access and share documents electronically, and employers can customize them by typing directly into the designated fields.

There is a library of 50 or more policies available for each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Select all policies that apply to your workforce, from there, each can be routed electronically, printed or cut and pasted into an existing handbook. See more details...

Policies will be available 1-12 hours after your order is placed, M - F.
See Product Specifications tab for details.
This product is for an annual subscription, and will automatically renew after 1 year.


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