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Politics in the Workplace Posters

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Downloadable Political Activities Employee Policy


Clearly State Your Policy Around Politics in the Workplace

The Political Activities Employee Policy prohibits the use of work time and resources for political purposes and takes a strong stance against harassment and coercion related to political beliefs. The policy also covers time off for voting and running for public office. See more details...

Using fill-and-save technology, the acknowledgement section easily captures electronic signatures to ensure all employees have received and read the policy.

Fill-and-Save forms are delivered as a downloadable file. A link will be provided in your Order Confirmation email after checkout.


Exercise Your Right to Vote Posters


Show Employees You Support Their Right to Vote

It’s important your staff knows you fully back their right to vote. Use any of these Exercise Your Right to Vote Posters to communicate your company’s support.

Choose the message that best expresses your position and/or formal policy – or mix and match* the messages as you wish to help inspire and empower your staff to take action.

Select from 6 different messages:

  • Your Voice, Your Choice. Vote!
  • Tune In, Turn Out. Go Vote!
  • Register. Research. Vote.
  • Your Voice Matters. Be Heard. Go Vote.
  • Your Vote is Your Voice. Use It!
  • Make Your Voice Count - No Excuses.
  • See more details...

    Save on the individual price when you purchase the 3-poster pack


    Political Activities Policy Essentials


    Set Clear Boundaries for Politics in the Workplace

    Strong emotions can arise when discussing politics at work, which can lead to heated exchanges between coworkers. If not resolved, these conflicts can result in harassment and discrimination claims.

    While employers can’t prevent political discussions from happening, they can establish boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable behavior with the Political Activities Policy Essentials kit.

    The kit includes:

  • Political Activities Employee Policy
  • Political Activities Poster Set
  • Time Off to Vote Form
  • Employer’s Quick Guide to Politics in the Workplace
  • See more details...


    Political Activities Poster Set


    Communicate Your Stance on Politics in the Workplace

    The Political Activities Poster Set includes two different posters. One lets staff know the do’s and don’ts for political speech and activities; the other addresses political harassment and coercion, as well as requesting time off to vote.
    See more details...


    In a year that’s already been quite eventful, we’re counting down the days to November 3rd. It’s more important than ever to establish clear guidelines regarding political conversations and other activities. 

    Get the products you need to keep your business running smoothly during this very emotional election season.

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