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COVID-19 Facility Management

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Tabletop Signs


Communicate Health Related Messages with Tabletop Signs

Free-standing and durable, Tabletop Signs are the perfect way to reinforce safety and health protocols.

These compact, engraved-plastic signs are ideal for counter and tabletop placement in lobbies, public dining rooms, classrooms, breakrooms, restrooms and other common areas.

Choose from seven different messages to suit your environment. See more details...


Acrylic Shields


Create a Barrier of Protection for Employees

Improve workplace safety during these challenging times by adding an Acrylic Shield between your employees and customers.

Each acrylic shield features an opening at the bottom to allow for the exchange of currency or documents. See more details...


Cover Coughs and Sneezes Poster


Communicate Proper Hygiene Practices to Children

As more schools and childcare services begin to open up, make sure you are informing the children how to reduce the spread of germs with this Cover Coughs and Sneezes Poster. Recommended by the CDC, this poster features a kid-friendly design with simple instructions on what they can do to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases. See more details...


Essential Messages Poster Set


Communicate Critical Safety Information Around Your Facility

CDC guidelines and various state and local safe orders (also called “return-to-work orders”) require employers to implement and communicate safety measures protecting their customers and employees from exposure to COVID-19.

The Essential Messages Poster Set helps you communicate critical safety information through three points of contact, including a social distancing notice for your facility entrance, a summary of CDC guidelines encouraging all guests and staff help reduce the spread of germs, and an employee-facing poster outlining critical safety procedures for your staff.


Social Distancing & Hygiene Notice Bundle


Communicate Social Distancing & Hygiene Expectations

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 while operating, businesses everywhere are requiring employees and guests to adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Not only have these guidelines become a common preventative measure, in some cases they are a mandatory requirement. Use this Social Distancing & Hygiene Facility Signage Bundle to inform employees and guests of expectations.


Facility Safety Notices


Communicate Important Safety Protocol - Choose the Notices that Apply to Your Facility

Inform employees, customers and guests the specific precautions you're taking to keep them safe from infection while in your facility. These notices address various regulatory requirements and recommended best practices for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace in both English and Spanish.

There are 13 different notices to choose from that can be displayed throughout your facility in common areas such as entrances, lobbies, hallways, or inside and outside of restrooms. Notices like this help employers comply with the latest federal, state and local return-to-work regulations and guidelines.

You have the option on each notice to purchase a single notice or a pack of 3.


Hand Hygiene Posters


Communicate the Importance of Proper & Frequent Handwashing with Your Choice of Poster

Per CDC guidelines, proper hand washing is critical to combating the transmission of contagious disease including coronavirus, colds and seasonal flu. By reminding employees to wash hands properly and often (along with frequently used products) you can drastically reduce the spread of germs.

There are four poster titles to choose from:

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Germs Are All Around You
  • Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands
  • Hand Hygiene

  • Each poster can be purchased as a single poster or pack of 3.


    Face Masks Required Poster Set


    Establishments everywhere are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 while operating. Requiring face coverings upon entry is a common preventative measure. Inform employees and customers that they are required to meet your hygienic standards in order to enter your facility with this Face Masks Required Poster Set.

    The bundle includes 2 posters:

  • This Company Requires Face Coverings Notice
  • Masks Required Poster
  • $32.99

    Patient Waiting Area Poster Set


    Let Patients and Visitors Know You Take Their Health Seriously

    Inform incoming patients and visitors of the safety measures currently upheld in your facility, as well as additional measures they can take to protect themselves from COVID-19 with this Patient Waiting Area Poster Bundle.

    The bundle includes 2 posters related to the infectious disease:

  • Keeping Patients Safe Poster
  • Protect Yourself if You're High Risk Poster
  • $32.99

    COVID-19 Fact vs Myth Poster


    Address Common Misconceptions and Misinformation


    Address common misconceptions and misinformation about COVID-19 and Coronavirus to ensure employees are accurately informed. Poster includes 8 common myths and facts to help stop the spread of rumors.

    Also available as a downloadable PDF (N0079DL). Download and print, email or post on your employee Intranet site.


    Illness Prevention Poster Set


    Help Stop the Spread of Illness-Causing Germs at Your Company

    The CDC is recommending businesses begin planning for more widespread transmission of coronavirus. Educate employees on how to combat the spread of flu, colds and other contagious illnesses in your workplace with this double dose of health-care guidelines. The Illness Prevention Poster Set includes our two best-selling employee health posters: Flu Prevention and Hand Washing.

    We've bundled them together to save you more than 20% off the individual poster price of $33.98.


    OSHA COVID-19 in the Workplace Poster


    Reduce Risk with OSHA-Verified Information

    Know what steps to take to keep your workplace safe from infectious germs using this OSHA COVID-19 Risk Reduction in the Workplace Poster. The OSHA-verified steps, if followed properly, will help to keep your facility and employees safe during the outbreak. Available in English and Spanish.

    Also available as a downloadable PDF (item # W0073DL). Download and print, email, or post on your employee Intranet site.


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