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How to Wear PPE for COVID-19 Poster


Ensure Your Workforce of Proper PPE Application and Removal

Make sure your staff of healthcare professionals knows the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) donning and doffing procedures with this How to Wear PPE for COVID-19 Poster. This poster walks you through the steps of proper application and removal of personal protective equipment when caring for patients diagnosed with (or suspected to have) COVID-19. These steps are imperative for stopping the spread of germs to yourself, staff members, and other patients.

Also available as a downloadable PDF (N0114DL). Download, print and hang in your business.


Face Masks Required Poster Set


Notify All That Your Business Requires a Face Mask

Establishments everywhere are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 while operating. Requiring face coverings upon entry is a common preventative measure. Inform employees and customers that they are required to meet your hygienic standards in order to enter your facility with this Face Coverings/Masks Required Poster Bundle.

The bundle includes 2 posters:

  • This Company Requires Face Coverings Notice
  • Masks Required Poster
  • $32.99

    Patient Waiting Area Poster Set


    Let Patients and Visitors Know You Take Their Health Seriously

    Inform incoming patients and visitors of the safety measures currently upheld in your facility, as well as additional measures they can take to protect themselves from COVID-19 with this Patient Waiting Area Poster Bundle.

    The bundle includes 2 posters related to the infectious disease:

  • Keeping Patients Safe Poster
  • Protect Yourself if You're High Risk Poster
  • $32.99