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Forklift Training Set


Fully comply with forklift regulations and ensure forklift safety

With the Forklift Training Compliance Bundle, you’ll have the tools you need to ensure your company follows OSHA rules and makes forklift safety a priority.


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Bundle Includes:

  • Forklift Safety Training Program (2-disc set)
    • Teach your operators proper procedures with the “Can I Drive it Now?,” 30-min. training video and reproducible companion materials. Includes customizable PowerPoint presentation, a training handbook, quiz and answer key, training certificates and a training log.
  • Forklift Safety Poster (1)
    • Laminated poster features 10 vital procedures for avoiding accidents, tips for preventing cargo damage, and advisories reinforcing your forklift safety policy’s importance.
  • Forklift Operator’s Daily Checklist (50/pkg.)
    • Covers everything: engine, alarms, warning lights, brakes and even identifying possible maintenance issues early.
  • Forklift Operator Evaluation Form (25/pkg.)
    • Helps you accurately gauge operators’ existing skills and recognize areas needing additional work or full retraining.

    Product Specifications:

  • Posters - Laminated