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MSDS Compliance Poster


OSHA says every employee have access to MSDS information - our MSDS safety poster makes any MSDS easy to understand!

The ability to read and properly interpret a Material Safety Data Sheet, commonly known as an MSDS, can help employees prevent - and properly deal with - accidents in workplaces. But Material Safety Data Sheets can be difficult to understand, and they are of little use if employees don’t know how to use them correctly.

The Understanding An MSDS safety poster helps ensure that your employees will know how to read a Material Safety Data Sheet, as required by OSHA. These valuable safety posters guides you through each section of the MSDS, explaining the critical information given there, which is essential for preventing accidents and saving lives in an emergency. It explains chemical flammability, reactivity, health risks, safe handling, protective equipment, and more.


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The addition of just one MSDS safety poster to each area where hazardous materials are in use will help ensure that your employees understand the vital information contained on the MSDS. And it will help you comply with OSHA regulations.

  • Helps employees understand how to read an MSDS
  • Helps you comply with the OSHA Haz-Com Standard
  • Helps prevent accidents, and to reduce damages if accidents occur

Product Specifications:

  • Laminated
  • Poster Size: 18" x 24"