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Anti-Harassment Poster Bundle


Remind Employees That Harassment in the Workplace Comes in Many Different Behaviors

This attention-grabbing five anti-harassment poster bundle creates awareness and educates employees about the different behaviors that can be considered harassment (written, verbal, visual and physical) and encourages them to think twice about their actions. The harassment poster bundle also helps employers mitigate any harassment occurring because of offensive political discussions due to strong opposing feelings from employees.

In today’s divided political climate, it’s more important than ever to reinforce what is appropriate for a harassment-free workplace. Communications about healthcare, women’s causes and the travel ban are all too common. And these topics being discussed, emailed or posted on social media can easily cross the line into harassment.


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Reinforcing your harassment policy with postings is strongly recommended by the U.S. Supreme Court and can support your defense in the case of a lawsuit.

  • Contains one general harassment poster and four topic-specific posters
  • ”Respect works here” theme makes employees aware of their responsibility to avoid harassing behaviors
  • Covers various ways harassment can occur: posting on social media or writing emails, through verbal conversation or hanging pictures or posters in your work space and through physical contact
  • Modern look and feel grabs employees attention to read and understand exactly what the meaning behind the poster is
  • Up-to-date content that contains common ways harassment can occur in the office, such as discussing politics, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Bundle includes 5 separate posters, each 15" x 22"
  • Laminated