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Workplace Management Tools

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Employee Performance Appraisal


This Employee Performance Appraisal Form Makes Annual Reviews a Snap

Make employee performance appraisals easier to perform, more effective and less stressful with the employee review form rated as "OUTSTANDING" by HR professionals.

Motivate your employees to excel! These employee performance appraisals are easy to understand, and feature large comment areas to allow you to provide detailed feedback to employees.


Employee Warning Form


Effectively Manage and Correct Employee Performance with a ComplyRight™ Employee Warning Notice

Document employee disciplinary actions effectively with this Employee Warning Form. Documented warnings help to justify discipline or termination and are effective in correcting employee performance.

as low as $42.95

Employee Warning Notice


Protect your Company, put Warnings in Writing

Ask any employment attorney, the first rule of legal protection for your company is documentation! Our Employee Warning Notice captures accurate, thorough documentation to justify discipline or termination, and is an effective way to manage and correct performance problems. If problems persist, try our Consecutive Employee Warning Report.


Fill-and-Save Performance Appraisal Form


This Employee Performance Appraisal Form Makes Annual Reviews a Snap

Make employee performance appraisals easier to perform, more effective and less stressful with the employee review form. These employee performance appraisals are easy to understand and feature large comment areas that allow you to provide detailed feedback to employees.

Fill-and-Save™ technology allows you to fill out the form electronically and email to your employees for a signature or comments. Completed forms can be stored electronically as PDFs or printed out for paper recordkeeping. See more details...

This product is a downloadable file. A link will be provided in your Order Confirmation email after checkout.


Fill-and-Save™ HR Form Library: Performance Management


A broad range of performance-related needs are met with this comprehensive library of forms -- from establishing SMART goals to conducting self-reviews and dealing with performance issues. Each form provides the convenience and benefits of Fill-and-Save™ technology: documents can be sent electronically, and employees can complete them by typing directly into fillable fields.

Forms are continually monitored and updated to comply with changing laws, and accessible anytime, anywhere, by multiple members of your business. The Library offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to send and store forms electronically for paperless “paperwork,” or print out copies for personnel files. Either way, the most up-to-date forms and guidance are just a login away. See more details...

Watch this video to see how easy using the Fill-and-Save HR Form Libraries can be.

Forms require Adobe or Acrobat Reader

Forms will be available 1-12 hours after your order is placed, M - F.
See Product Specifications tab for details.

This product is for an annual subscription, and will automatically renew after 1 year.


FMLA Leave Tracker Form


Easily Track FMLA-Related Employee Time Off

The ComplyRight™ FMLA Leave Tracker helps employers monitor and tally the amount of time an employee uses for FMLA leave.


Free Employee Records Smart App


Simplify recordkeeping challenges with the Employee Records Smart App.
This easy‑to‑use, Web‑based app makes adding and maintaining employee information quick and simple.

Here’s the best part, the Employee Records Smart App is absolutely free. Once you sign up for an account, you can start adding employees. There is no credit card required and there is no expiration date.

Employee Records Get Started Today

@ HRdirectApps.com


I-9 Forms


Mandatory I-9 Form Required

All U.S. employers are required to verify the identity and employment eligibility of new hires using the mandatory Form I-9. The latest Form I-9 was released in 2020. Stay compliant with the law by using the most recent Form I-9 and following the instructions and record keeping guidelines that accompany it.

The current I-9 form has an expiration date of 10/31/2022, but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that employers should continue using the current Form I-9 until further notice. See more details...


Inspection Skills Paper Test


Test Inspection Skills Before you Hire

When quality counts, you need employees with excellent inspection skills. The Inspection Skills Test consists of 10 problems that measure how quickly and accurately applicants can identify defects in work-related objects.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $8.00

Interpersonal Skills Paper Test


Find Service-Oriented Personnel with Pre-Employment Testing

Use our Customer Relations & Interpersonal Skills employment screening test to identify applicants who have skills associated with excellent customer service that can be applied to almost any field.

Download the manual for this test.

as low as $17.00

Keyboarding Skills Test (10-Key or General)


Test an applicant’s ability to quickly and accurately enter alpha or numeric text

Assess an applicant’s ability to quickly and accurately enter alpha or numeric text using these realistic skills tests.

  • Web-based test can be administered on-site or remotely
  • Testing website includes customizable email invitations and detailed reporting
  • No subscription or annual fee required – order only the tests you need (5 test minimum)
  • Get Free Test Validation with your purchase (a value of $50 - $125) to support EEOC best practices for removing discriminatory testing bias See more details...

Get a Free Sample

as low as $7.50

Large Wall Calendar Planner (36" X 24")


Dry-Erase Wall Calendar

Keep important dates visible and gain a big picture view with the large wall
Calendar Planner. The dry-erase surface makes updating due dates and timelines is easy. You choose between horizontal or vertical display. See more details...

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as low as $26.95

Round up all the workplace management tools you need to effectively run your business and oversee staff – including payroll and recordkeeping solutions, employee attendance tracking items, and hiring and training resources. Our business management tools are carefully designed to support your business and keep you compliant.

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