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Workplace Management

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Personnel Envelo-File® Expanded


Easy Access to Employee Documents

Even though many personnel documents can be stored electronically, you still need original hard copies of forms such as employment applications, warning records and evaluation forms available. The Expanded Confidential Personnel ENVELO-FILE® lets you safely store such employee documents, plus record key employee information and benefits on the outside. See more details...


Compliance Guarantee
All ComplyRight™ products sold by HRdirect® are 100% compliance guaranteed.


ID Badge Kit


Create professional quality photo ID badges on your PC

ID Badge Kit creates 25 professional ID badges with pre-coded magnetic strip that are compatible with the TimeClock Remote.

Minimag USB Reader


Innovative Accessories Make It Easier to Use Your Time Clock and Attendance Tracking Software

These time clock accessories provide Gradience TimeClock and Attendance tracking software with even greater capabilities. The Mag Stripe Card Reader plugs into a PC USB port and reads employee ID cards with a single swipe.

Attention to Detail Paper Test


Attention to Detail Skills Test

The SkillSeries™ Attention to Detail Test contains 20 pairs of numbers, letters and names. Job applicants must examine each pair and decide whether the two items are exactly alike or different in some way.

This sophisticated exam was designed to screen applicants for jobs requiring individuals to verify two sets of information for jobs involving the proofing of numerical or text data.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $8.00

Downloadable Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Training for Managers


FLSA Simplified for Managers

FLSA Simplified for Managers is a comprehensive training program that guides you through everything you need to know about FLSA requirements. Why is FLSA compliance important? How does a company comply with overtime rules? What are the requirements and limitations of non-exempt employees versus exempt?

This ready-to-go presentation is perfect in a presenter-led group setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:
     º The role of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
     º The penalties for not staying FLSA compliant
     º Differences between exempt and non-exempt workers
     º Timekeeping requirements
     º Recording hours of work
     º Regulations regarding child labor
     º Rules for working overtime

This program is up-to-date with the FLSA rules effective January 1, 2020.


Personnel Pocket File® Folder


Confidential Employee Folders

File confidential employee records safely and permanently using the durable Personnel Pocket File®.


Time Clock Remote Reader

Make Clocking In/Out Easy

Say goodbye to time cards in your workplace with Time Clock Remote Reader. This device provides fast and easy clock in / clock out capabilities with a 2- or 8-line display. And, it beeps when a card is swiped successfully. Ideal for warehouses or other areas throughout the workplace where employees don't have access to a computer or dusty areas that negatively effect PC function. You can have multiple PCs and a remote clock in/out station at the same time. There are no hassles. Just plug it into your company's Ethernet network.

Personnel Pocket File® Folder Expanded


Store All Your Confidential Employee Records Securely In One File

For heavier filing needs, the Personnel Pocket File® Expanded allows you to comfortably store up to 200 forms without tearing. More than double the regular capacity. File all your confidential employee records safely and permanently.


Compliance Guarantee
All ComplyRight™ products sold by HRdirect® are 100% compliance guaranteed.



Workplace Math Skills Paper Test


Assess Job Applicants' Math Skills Before you Hire

The SkillSeries™ Math Test consists of 20 problems that require applicants to perform basic math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages. This expertly designed exam will screen applicants for jobs requiring the ability to understand and apply basic mathematical concepts correctly.

Download the manual for all SkillSeries™ tests.

as low as $8.00

Downloadable Conflict Management Training


Learn How to Take Care of Conflict Effectively in the Workplace

Everyone has an opinion or at least a different way of doing things. However, when conflict arises at work, knowing how to deal with it can be the difference between success and failure. Managing Conflict in Today’s Diverse Workforce is a comprehensive training program that shows how effective conflict management methods work to everyone’s advantage – through problem solving, communication and negotiation. It clearly illustrates the pros and cons of engaging in disputes -- with specific guidelines anyone in business needs to understand.

This ready-to-go presentation is perfect in a presenter-led group setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:

  •      • What is conflict management?
  •      • Reasons for conflict
  •      • Main factors that determine how we deal with conflict
  •      • 5 ways to address conflict
  •      • Phrases to avoid when dealing with conflict
  •      • The importance of understanding conflict management methods
  •      • Dealing with customer conflict

Exercise Your Right to Vote Posters


Show Employees You Support Their Right to Vote

It’s important your staff knows you fully back their right to vote. Use any of these Exercise Your Right to Vote Posters to communicate your company’s support.

Choose the message that best expresses your position and/or formal policy – or mix and match* the messages as you wish to help inspire and empower your staff to take action.

Select from 6 different messages:

  • Your Voice, Your Choice. Vote!
  • Tune In, Turn Out. Go Vote!
  • Register. Research. Vote.
  • Your Voice Matters. Be Heard. Go Vote.
  • Your Vote is Your Voice. Use It!
  • Make Your Voice Count - No Excuses.
  • See more details...

    Save on the individual price when you purchase the 3-poster pack


    Can-Do Attitude Paper Test


    Discover if Candidates have a Positive, "Can-Do" Attitude

    The attitude of your employees is as critical to the success of your business as the quality of your products. Positive employee morale promotes a better working environment, increases customer loyalty, and is repeatedly ranked as the most desirable trait by employers nationwide. The “Can-Do” Attitude employee personality test was developed as a simple and accurate way to identify valuable employees who will go the extra mile at work - with smiles on their faces. See more details...

    Download the manual for this test.

    as low as $17.00

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