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Workplace Policies & Training

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Company Policies Smart App


Getting your company’s policies down in writing then in front of employees makes setting expectations easier, but creating an employee handbook can be very time‑consuming.

The Company Policies Smart App helps your business create, manage and share attorney-approved employment policies in minutes. Effortlessly maintain the right tone at your company while improving accountability.

Company Policies Only
Up to 75 employees

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State-Specific HR Policies Library


This collection of essential state-specific company policies allows users to access and share documents electronically, and employers can customize them by typing directly into the designated fields.

There is a library of 50 or more policies available for each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Select all policies that apply to your workforce, from there, each can be routed electronically, printed or cut and pasted into an existing handbook. See more details...

Policies will be available 1-12 hours after your order is placed, M - F.
See Product Specifications tab for details.
This product is for an annual subscription, and will automatically renew after 1 year.

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Safety Training Smart App


Creating a culture of safety requires consistent and thorough training.

The Safety Training Smart App can help you avoid being a part of the millions of workplace injuries yearly. Reduce workplace accident risk and potential liability with this attorney‑developed tool.

Safety Training Smart App Only $99/year Up to 75 employees

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Fill-and-Save™ HR Form Library: OSHA & Safety


OSHA & Safety Form Library

When it comes to OSHA-mandated records, thorough and accurate documentation is a must under the law. The Fill-and-Save OSHA & Safety Form Library is an annual subscription providing 12 months of access to 11 fillable electronic forms designed to help employers record and analyze workplace injuries/illnesses and comply with the latest OSHA recordkeeping rules.

Each form provides the convenience and benefits of Fill-and-Save™ technology: documents can be sent electronically, and supervisors/managers can complete them by typing directly into fillable fields. All forms are continually monitored and guaranteed to comply with the latest regulations. The library offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to send and store forms electronically for paperless “paperwork,” or print out copies for personnel files. See more details...

Watch this video to see how easy using the Fill-and-Save HR Form Libraries can be.

Forms require Adobe or Acrobat Reader

Forms will be available 1-12 hours after your order is placed, M - F.
See Product Specifications tab for more details.

This product is for an annual subscription and will automatically renew after 1 year.


Pregnant Workers Fairness Poster (11 x 17)


The Pregnant Workers Fair Act (PWFA) that went into effect on June 27, 2023 requires covered employers to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees or applicants with known limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.

Display this poster, developed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), to let your staff know that those who are pregnant will not be discriminated against and have rights for reasonable accommodations. See more details...


Drug-Free Workplace Poster


Communicate Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy with Effective Drug-Free Posters

Make employees and applicants aware of your commitment to a safe, drug-free environment with the ComplyRight™ Drug-Free Workplace Poster. With strong visuals and positive messages, this drug-free poster helps reinforce your substance abuse policy and create a sense of trust and safety in your company.


Political Harassment and Time Off for Voting Poster


Inform Staff About Politics at Work Policies

The attorney-approved Politics at Work Poster addresses a zero tolerance policy for political harassment on one side and requesting time off to vote on the other.

This poster is laminated and 10" x 14" in size.


Do's and Don'ts for Politics at Work Poster


Communicate the Do's and Don'ts on Politics in the Workplace

The attorney-approved Do's and Don'ts for Politics at Work Poster covers how employees should and should not handle political discussions to ensure a respectful and peaceful workplace.

This poster is laminated and 10" x 14" in size.


Politics in the Workplace Policy Poster Bundle


Communicate Your Stance on Politics in the Workplace

The attorney-approved Political Activities Poster Set includes two different posters. One lets staff know the do’s and don’ts for political speech and activities; the other addresses political harassment and coercion, as well as requesting time off to vote.

Both posters are laminated and 10" x 14" in size.


Downloadable Political Activities Employee Policy


Make Your Policy Around Politics in the Workplace Known

The attorney-approved Political Activities Employee Policy prohibits the use of work time and resources for political purposes and takes a strong stance against harassment and coercion related to political beliefs. The policy also covers time off for voting and running for public office.

The acknowledgement section easily captures electronic signatures to ensure all employees have received and read the policy.


Exercise Your Right to Vote Posters


Show Employees You Support Their Right to Vote

It’s important your staff knows you fully back their right to vote. Use any of these Exercise Your Right to Vote Posters to communicate your company’s support.

Choose the message that best expresses your position and/or formal policy:

  • Your Voice, Your Choice. Vote!
  • Tune In, Turn Out. Go Vote!
  • Register. Research. Vote.
  • Your Voice Matters. Be Heard. Go Vote.
  • Your Vote is Your Voice. Use It!
  • Make Your Voice Count - No Excuses.
  • See more details...

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