Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

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Emergency Evacuation Plan Board

Display Your Emergency Evacuation Plan!

Direct employees, customers and visitors to safety by displaying your Emergency Exit or Evacuation Plan. These durable boards are bright red. The vibrant color draws attention and guides everyone to the nearest exit. The boards arrive ready to mount on your wall. Just insert your floor plan and you're all set!


EZ Split Drug Test

Drug Testing is a Must - Now You Can Get Fast, Accurate Results Without Risk of Exposure to the Specimen!

Whatever your reason for drug testing, whether it’s to avoid risky hires, abide by DOT regulations, enhance workplace safety and security, or comply with federal contract mandates, HRdirect offers a fast, affordable way to test for drugs.

In less than five minutes, the EZ Split® Drug Test will give you laboratory-accurate drug test results without dipping, tilting, pouring, or mixing! It automatically splits samples into two parts, for original and lab-verified results.

as low as $34.59

Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Handy Kit Protects Employees During Biohazard Cleanup

Exposure to hazardous chemicals and/or bodily fluids can result in serious infections. Give your employees the protection they need to clean up spills - and save your company all the expenses (testing, lost time, disability payments) that a single exposure can cause. The Bloodborne Pathogen And Bodily Fluid Spill Kit is designed to protect employees during bodily fluid and bio hazard cleanup.


Bloodborne Pathogens Power Training Program


Learn How to Protect Against Bloodborne Pathogens

Treating a cut, cleaning up spilled blood or disposing of used needles are all high-risk activities that pose the risk of infection. Bloodborne Pathogens Training is a comprehensive training program that outlines the dangers of blood spatters and highlights an array of precautions you can take to stay safe. This life-saving program details blood-related health risks, describes how transmission can occur and what can be done afterwards. It covers the importance of vaccinations, the most common infectious diseases and safe work practices. This ready-to-go presentation is perfect for a presenter-led setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:
     º Common types of infectious diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens
     º High risk work activities
     º Proper response to contamination and exposure
     º Universal precautions and why they matter
     º Safe handling practices and procedures
     º Exposure control plans
     º Decontamination and disposal


Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Program Basic Training for Avoiding Exposure

This training program uses an engaging story to educate employees about disease transmission, accident prevention, housekeeping procedures, exposure control and more.


Bloodborne Pathogens Training Bilingual

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Program Basic Training for Avoiding Exposure

This engaging training program uses a humorous story to educate employees about disease transmission, accident prevention, housekeeping procedures, exposure control and more.


BreathScan Alcohol Detector .02 Level

The Economical, Reliable Alcohol Test

When you suspect drinking, this quick, non-invasive onsite alcohol test determines whether an evidential quality breath or blood test should be given.

Alcohol or drug use is a factor in most industrial accidents. Protect your employees from risk and protect your company from liability with this fast alcohol test, made for use in the workplace or on the job site.

as low as $5.19

Choking Poster


A Choking Poster Can Help Save a Life in the Critical First Few Moments

Post critical safety information by hanging the most up-to-date Choking Poster in your workplace. This eye-catching poster provides your employees immediate access to the most current choking techniques. Clearly illustrated, it can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure in the event of a choking incident. 


Drug-Free Job Application Stickers


Make your Drug-Free Policy Clear to all Applicants

These attorney-reviewed stickers are an easy and affordable way to alert all applicants that your company will not tolerate drug abuse. Just add the sticker to the front page of job applications to ensure applicants will see it right away. It's an effective way to discourage potential abusers from even applying to your company.


Drug-Free Workplace Kit


Communicate Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy to Employees and Applicants

Make employees and applicants aware of your commitmet to a safe, drug-free environment with the Comlyright™ Drug-Free Workplace Kit. Drug-free poster and application stickers help reinforce your substance abuse policy and create a sense of trust and safety in your company.


Forklift Safety Training Program


Teach Forklift Operators Everything About Safety Procedures


Operating a forklift requires skill, training and experience. The Forklift Safety Training Program covers the basics of operation, driving concepts, loading procedures – and clearly illustrates why forklift safety is so important. It also reviews specific safety measures that every forklift operator needs to take advantage of and understand. Your knowledge about forklift safety could prevent a fatal accident.

This ready-to-go presentation is perfect in a presenter-led group setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:
     º How to safely operate a forklift under various circumstances
     º Important differences between forklift operation and driving a car
     º Elements of forklift stability (fulcrum point, center of gravity and stability triangle)
     º 3 areas needed to complete to become a certified operator
     º Safety tips for handling loads, fueling and changing/charging batteries
     º The 12-step process for conducting an inspection


Forklift Training Program


Teach Forklift Operators Safe Practices

Your forklift drivers can learn the ins and outs of proper forklift operation with this all-in-one training program that covers the basics of operation, driving concepts, lifting and loading procedures and more.


Forklift Training Program Bilingual


Teach Forklift Operators Safe Practices

Your forklift drivers can learn the ins and outs of proper forklift operation with this all-in-one training program that covers the basics of operation, driving concepts, lifting and loading procedures and more.


Forklift Training Set

Fully Comply with Forklift Regulations and Ensure Forklift Safety

With the Forklift Training Compliance Bundle, you’ll have the tools you need to ensure your company follows OSHA rules and makes forklift safety a priority.


Forklift Training Set Bilingual


Comply with Forklift Regulations and Ensure Forklift Safety

With the Forklift Training Compliance Bundle, you'll have the tools you need to make forklift safety a priority and ensure your company follows OSHA rules.


GHS Hazard Communication Power Training Program


Learn how to Work Safely Around Hazardous Chemicals


Do you know the risks associated with working around hazardous chemicals? Your knowledge about chemical exposure could save your life and the lives of your employees. GHS Hazard Communication is a comprehensive training program that helps you implement safety precautions to prevent and respond to chemical exposure. It teaches you how to understand a Safety Data Sheet, read chemical labels and quickly identify other workplace hazards, as required by GHS standards. It’s essential training with specific safety measures that OSHA mandates every employer to understand.


This ready-to-go presentation is perfect in a presenter-led group setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:
     º The requirements of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard
     º Proper waste cleanup and emergency procedures
     º How a hazard communication program reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals
     º What a Safety Data Sheet is
     º How to handle a spill or unwanted exposure to chemicals


GHS Hazard Communication Training Program


Train Employees on OSHA's Safety Signs and Symbols

With the GHS Hazard Communication Training, you can synchronize with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), which establishes a more consistent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information.

OSHA aligned its standard with the United Nations' global versions of safety signs and symbols for chemical warning labels (the Globally Harmonized System or GHS) to improve safety. The system uses standardized safety stickers along with more consistent hazard symbols to better protect workers.

As part of the Hazard Communication Standard, employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must train workers on chemical warning labels and how to interpret a safety data sheet, or SDS.


GHS/Hazard Communication In-Depth Training Kit


Get the Tools You Need to Meet OSHA's Hazard Communication Training Requirement

Keep your workplace safe and your company in compliance with OSHA requirements for hazard communication. The GHS/Hazard Communication In-Depth Training Kit includes an array of hazard communication training components to teach employees the latest chemical labeling required by OSHA.

The comprehensive kit covers formats under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). It gives you all the material you need to teach workers to properly read international versions of safety signs, warning labels and hazard symbols.


HIPAA Training Kit


Review Information on Basic HIPAA Rules and how Your Facility can Comply

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides rights regarding privacy and confidentiality of medical information and records. This training program explains what HIPAA is and what steps can be taken to protect sensitive information. Available in USB or DVD, the video reviews basic HIPAA rules regarding the use, transmission, security and privacy of healthcare data.


Lockout/Tagout Program

Instruct Personnel in Lockout/Tagout

When machinery is idle or being serviced, an accidental startup or release of energy can cause serious harm to employees. The Lockout/Tagout Training Program has all you need to train and certify personnel in using lockout and tagout devices to prevent these accidents, in accordance with OSHA standards.


OSHA Inspection Fast Answers Quick Reference Card

Know how to handle OSHA inspections and response with answers to common questions
as low as $13.99

PPE Training Kit


Train on Topics Needed to Comply with OSHA's Requirement that Employers Protect Their Employees from Workplace Hazards

Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms: sharp edges, falling objects, flying sparks, chemicals, noise and a myriad of other potentially dangerous situations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury. Available in USB or DVD, this training program addresses areas needed to comply with the requirement.


Safety Orientation Training Kit


Encourage Employees to Practice Safe Work Habits

Available in USB or DVD, English or Spanish, this training program adresses common workplace safety issues, including slips, trips and falls; back injuries; personal protective equipment (PPE), chemicals; fire safety; and basic first aid. The video assists employers in complying with OSHA standards that require employers to train employees in the safety and health aspects of their jobs.


SDS Training Poster - Spanish


Educate Employees on Key SDS Information

The SDS Training Poster in Spanish ensures that your Spanish-speaking and bilingual employees will know how to read a safety data sheet, as required by OSHA. These valuable safety posters guide you through each section of the SDS, explaining the critical information that is essential for preventing accidents and saving lives in an emergency. It explains chemical flammability, reactivity, health risks, safe handling, protective equipment, and more.

The addition of just one SDS safety poster to each area where hazardous materials are in use will help ensure that your employees understand the vital information contained on the SDS and comply with OSHA regulations.


Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Training


Prevent the Most Common Workplace Accidents

This training program helps you effectively deal with two challenges: complying with OSHA's walking and working surface standards and ensuring that employees are aware of harzards in the workplace. 


Workplace Violence Training Kit


Educate Employees on the Signs Of and Risk Factors For Workplace Violence

Nearly two million American workers report being a victim of workplace violence each year with many more acts of violence going unreported. Causes can range from a disgruntled current or former employee to a domestic dispute playing out at work or a heated conflict between workers. Available in USB or DVD, this training program addresses how to identify potential sources of violence in the workplace and how to reduce the risk.


Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs - Employee

Workplace Violence Training for Employees

Employees will learn the warning signs of violent behavior in the workplace and how to report it.

Back Safety Training Video Kit

12 minute DVD & CD-Rom Containing: PowerPoint Presentation & Manual, along with the standard Outline, Quiz, Answer Key, Certificate, Wallet Cards…

GHS Right to Know Information Center & Poster

Keep Employees Properly Informed About Chemicals in the Workplace

Streamline compliance with our GHS Right to Know Information Center & Poster. This bundle helps keep required information organized while staying current on OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.

For businesses that use the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for chemical labeling, HazCom training is key. Employers are required to train workers on the GHS labeling system and how to read and interpret a safety data sheet (SDS).


The Drug-Free Workplace Bundle DVDs

The Drug-Free Workplace Bundle (English DVDs)

Drugs and alcohol can damage performance and safety in the workplace. Having drug free workplace training will raise employee awareness using realistic scenes in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, food service and office environments.

This training is also available in English.


Anti-Harassment Workplace Poster


Raise Employee Awareness with Workplace Harassment Policy Poster


Encourage your employees to do their part in helping your company comply with EEOC requirements and take reasonable steps to prevent harassment. By displaying the ComplyRight™ Harassment-Free Workplace Poster in common areas or frequently used walkways, employers can reinforce their policy and support a legal defense in case of a lawsuit.


GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster

Provide Quick, Critical Labeling Information Under OSHA's New Hazard Communication Training Rules

Display this GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster to protect your employees from workplace danger and your company from safety violations. This OSHA-compliant safety training poster explains the symbols and language of the required GHS labeling system.

Posting this crucial information alerts your employees to chemical hazards in the workplace. The GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster explains the labels and includes a sample. In a bold, quick-reference format, the poster also highlights all the OSHA pictograms that must be included on labels. It's a perfect way to meet OSHA training requirements.