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Managing Conflict in Today's Diverse Workforce Training Program


Learn How to Handle Conflict Effectively in the Workplace

Everyone has an opinion or at least a different way of doing things. However, when conflict arises at work, knowing how to deal with it can be the difference between success and failure. Managing Conflict in Today’s Diverse Workforce is a comprehensive training program that shows how effective conflict management methods work to everyone’s advantage – through problem solving, communication and negotiation. It clearly illustrates the pros and cons of engaging in disputes -- with specific guidelines anyone in business needs to understand.

This ready-to-go presentation is perfect in a presenter-led group setting or as a self-directed training program. It covers:

  •      • What is conflict management?
  •      • Reasons for conflict
  •      • Main factors that determine how we handle conflict
  •      • 5 ways to handle conflict
  •      • Phrases to avoid when dealing with conflict
  •      • The importance of understanding conflict management methods
  •      • Dealing with customer conflict

New York Harassment Training Online


Teach Employees to Recognize and Respond to Harassment with this State-Specific Online Training Program

Preventing Workplace Harassment Register for the Preventing Workplace Harassment training program which complies with the New York State sexual harassment prevention law and the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act.

  • Low cost of just $40 per employee (quantity discounts available)

as low as $20.00

Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People

The right phrase for every situation - every time

Whether it's hiring employees or creating teams, the Perfect Phrases series has the tools for precise, effective communication in any situation. With Perfect Phrases books, you have all the phrases you need to get things done, right at your fingertips!

Perfect Phrases for Documenting Employee Performance Problems

The Right Phrase for Every Situation - Every Time

Whether it's interviewing for a job, evaluating employee performance, setting goals for the future, or keeping customers happy, the Perfect Phrases series has the tools for precise, effective business communication. Distilling complex ideas into specific phrases that diplomatically and honestly depict the concepts at hand.

Political Activities Employee Policy

Communicate your company's policy on talking politics in the workplace

Political Activities in the Workplace Kit

Create and Communicate your Company's Policy on Discussing Politics in the Workplace

While employees are entitled to their beliefs, the tools in the Political Activities in the Workplace Kit can help prevent inappropriate and potentially damaging political discussions and activity in the workplace. The kit features the Politics in the Workplace Poster and Political Activities Employee Policy to reinforce the acceptable workplace behavior and support your written policy to create immediate, visual reinforcement.


Politics in the Workplace Poster

Clearly display your company's rules on political talk in the workplace

PPE Training Kit


Train on Topics Needed to Comply with OSHA's Requirement that Employers Protect Their Employees from Workplace Hazards

Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms: sharp edges, falling objects, flying sparks, chemicals, noise and a myriad of other potentially dangerous situations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury. Available in USB or DVD, this training program addresses areas needed to comply with the requirement.


Safety Orientation Training Kit


Encourage Employees to Practice Safe Work Habits

Available in USB or DVD, English or Spanish, this training program adresses common workplace safety issues, including slips, trips and falls; back injuries; personal protective equipment (PPE), chemicals; fire safety; and basic first aid. The video assists employers in complying with OSHA standards that require employers to train employees in the safety and health aspects of their jobs.


Smart App Harassment Training

Harassment Training Smart App

The use of the harassment training for employee’s and manager’s app will allow small businesses to implement a simpler version of an LMS system in order to conduct their employee and manager harassment training. This will allow the business to more easily conduct individual training with employees and keep records of completion dates in order to maintain compliance.

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Social Media at Work

Manage the Use of Social Media in the Workplace

Use this training video to help establish employee guidelines for managing social media in the workplace. The video highlights the importance of teaching staff to be cautious of posting potentially offensive content and provides guidelines on usage while on the clock.

Terminations Training Program

Reduce the Risk of Wrongful Terminations

This training program teaches managers the termination basics, including how to avoid costly, risky legal mistakes. The video is narrated by an attorney and features ex-employees who share their experiences and reactions to losing their jobs.

The Big Book of Humorous Training Games

A fun way to Teach Managers & Employees Effective Motivational Skills

Boost your team’s skills and drive with this stimulating, fun-filled book of training games. Expertly written to teach managers and employees important skills, it also helps to generate enthusiasm and vigorous involvement. The Big Book of Humorous Training Games uses such techniques as role-playing, charades, brainstorming and more.


The Big Book of Leadership Games

A fun way to Teach Managers Effective Leadership Skills

Filled with a variety of quick activities that can help teach managers effective leadership skills in a fun environment, The Big Book of Leadership Games is a wonderful training tool you’ll refer to again and again.


Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace - Employee

Simple Training to Eliminate Workplace Harassment

This training provides strategies on dealing with a workplace bully and how to handle a disruptive employee to ensure a safe work environment.

Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace - Manager

Training to Educate Staff on Workplace Harassment

Understand the warning signs of harassment and how to legally react to complaints. This training is a critical step to a harassment-free workplace.

Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs - Employee

Workplace Violence Training for Employees

Employees will learn the warning signs of violent behavior in the workplace and how to report it.

Harassment Prevention Power Training Program - Manager and Supervisor Version


Learn How to Prevent and Respond to Harassment Complaints

Harassment Prevention For Managers and Supervisors covers all forms of harassment in the workplace. By using realistic examples of verbal, physical and visual harassment, it clearly illustrates what action a manager should take when confronted with any type of prohibited conduct, whether it’s directed at you or one of your employees. It’s an essential training program with specific guidelines every employer needs to understand to maintain a harassment-free work environment.

This ready-to-go presentation is perfect for a presenter-led setting or as a self-directed training program. It explains:

  •      • All forms of illegal harassment and what’s legally protected
  •      • Your obligation as a manager to “respond and report”
  •      • How your company should handle harassment complaints
  •      • Special concerns regarding sexual harassment
  •      • Liability issues

Anti-Harassment Workplace Poster


Raise Employee Awareness with Workplace Harassment Policy Poster


Encourage your employees to do their part in helping your company comply with EEOC requirements and take reasonable steps to prevent harassment. By displaying the ComplyRight™ Harassment-Free Workplace Poster in common areas or frequently used walkways, employers can reinforce their policy and support a legal defense in case of a lawsuit.


Sexual Harassment Poster


Communicate Your Company's Zero-Tolerance Sexual Harassment Policy in English and Spanish


Encourage your employees to do their part in helping your company comply with EEOC requirements and take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment with the ComplyRight™ Sexual Harassment Prevention Poster. By displaying this sexual harassment poster in common areas or frequently used walkways, employers can reinforce their policy and support a legal defense in case of a lawsuit.


Harassment Poster Bundle


Remind Employees That Harassment in the Workplace Comes in Many Different Behaviors

In today’s divided political climate, it’s more important than ever to reinforce what is appropriate for a harassment-free workplace. Communications about healthcare, women’s causes and the travel ban are all too common. And these topics being discussed, emailed or posted on social media can easily cross the line into harassment.

This attention-grabbing five anti-harassment poster bundle creates awareness and educates employees about the different behaviors that can be considered harassment (written, verbal, visual and physical) and encourages them to think twice about their actions. The harassment poster bundle also helps employers mitigate any harassment occurring because of offensive political discussions due to strong opposing feelings from employees.