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Employee Record Organizer Expandable Folder Set


Expandable organizer offers convenient, comprehensive recordkeeping

This easy-to-use record organizer covers all data from the first day to last, holding up to 200 different forms! The Employee Record Organizer contains six organized file folders to centralize records and make paperwork much easier to file and retrieve.These six folders not only organize your paperwork - they actually help simplify it - by capturing important personnel information right on the folder itself. Space for confidential information is concealed on the inside of the folder. Plus, all six sections tuck neatly into the Organizer jacket - which fits in any standard-sized filing cabinet. Best of all, we've passed every folder through a comprehensive legal review to assure it complies with current employment laws, a safeguard that no other system offers.

If you’ve previously used the Employee Infopak you will like this New and Improved version of the Employee Record organizer.


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  • Contains 6 folders in one, covering the following key employee records: Benefits/Insurance, Separation, Performance, Hiring and Employment History, Payroll/Tax, and Attendance
  • Serves as a checklist for your employees' application, absence forms, medical insurance forms, payroll status forms, vacation requests and much more.

Product Specifications:

  • 6 tabbed divider folders
  • Organizer expands up to 1 1/4" and holds up to 200 forms
  • Package of 25 folder sets (each set includes organizer and 6 tabbed folders)
  • Size: 11 3/4" x 9 1/2"

Old Item #A0176, A0186, AEP220