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Employee Separation Notice - Downloadable


Keep track of employee leave details with the ComplyRight downloadable employee separation report

When an employee quits, is laid off or retires, you’ll want to complete this form to be on the safe side. That’s because memories fade, and facts can become blurry. Don’t leave yourself open to a lawsuit when filling out this simple Downloadable Employee Separation Report is so easy to do.

Two formats to choose from:

  • Downloadable – Just download, print and complete your form.,/li>
  • Fill & Save eForm – Download the PDF and then type info directly into fields. You can save, print, etc.
    • Form ensures proper documentation of the separation process, including details of separation, final pay, COBRA rights, retirement savings distribution options and much more.
    • Downloadable format gives you access to separation report immediately after checkout
    • Free Tip Sheet with purchase - includes information about types of separations, considerations, and other helpful information

    DO make sure the action conforms to written company policy.

    Don’t say something you may regret later. Plan what you’re going to say beforehand.

    DO be prepared to explain your reason(s) for termination such as consistent poor performance, a work rule/policy violation or a layoff. Get your documentation in order: termination notice, performance reviews, written warnings, salary information and all pertinent correspondence.

    Don’t become too emotional and maintain your composure.

    DO have a witness present who has been briefed on his/her role and who knows how to respond to comments. Be prepared to answer any questions your employee might have about the termination.

    When an employee decides to end employment, it’s important to document his or her true reason for leaving because:

    • You may need the information to prepare a legal defense in case of a challenge.
    • You may need the information if you wish to contest unemployment compensation.
    • If more than one employee leaves, you may want to know the reason behind the pattern to determine what you can do to prevent more turnover

    If you have 100 or more full-time employees or 100 or more employees (including part-time employees) who work a total of 4,000 hours each week, you may be covered by the WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act), which was designed to give employees notice of layoffs. Covered employers are required to provide 60 days’ notice of qualifying plant closings and/or mass layoffs to employees and the local government.