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Employee Records

Smarter, Centralized
Employee Management

Locate what you need, the moment you need it with the ultimate employee recordkeeping app. Experience the convenience of updating, reporting, and exporting essential employee data in one place.

I-9 & W-4

Ease the Burden of Completing
I-9 and W-4 Forms

Verify the identity and employment eligibility of new hires, promptly and accurately with a completely automated, paperless process.


Attendance Calendar

Take Control of
Employee Attendance

Easily spot troubling attendance patterns and maintain accurate records in one convenient view. Take the headache out of keeping track of who's on the job and who's called out.


Job Applications

Smart Hiring Begins Before
the Interview

Easily connect with candidates and ask the right questions with this 100% state-compliant online job application.

Job applications can be filled out and submitted online, making for a smooth screening process.


Progressive Discipline

Manage Employee Discipline
Fairly & Effectively

Document incidents, create warning reports, and communicate disciplinary actions to employees with total confidence.


Time Off

Easily Request & Approve
Employee Time Off

Built-in workflow allows employees to electronically submit the days they would like off and then supervisors can quickly approve or deny based coverage needs.

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