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Clerical Skills Test


Clerical Skills Test measures writing, math and reading skills

Studies by the American Management Association indicate that more than a third of job applicants tested lacked sufficient reading and mathematical skills to perform the jobs they sought. That’s why it is so important to use an employment skills test to measure the ability of your employees to read instructions, write and analyze reports, and handle calculations.

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The Clerical Skills Test helps you to objectively determine an applicant’s clerical skill level before you hire.

The clerical skills test objectively measures:

  • Writing skills
  • Proofreading skills
  • Math skills
  • Filing skills
  • Analyzing skills
  • Checking skills
  • Clerical Skills Test is excellent for all applicants who will be performing clerical functions, especially secretaries, accounting clerks, file clerks, shipping and receiving personnel and administrative assistants
  • The hidden carbonless panel automatically captures each answer; scoring is fast and simple - right from the convenience of your own office
  • Product Specifications:

  • All test can be combined for quantity discounts.