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Compliance Matters, Even on Job Applications

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Compliance Matters, Even on Job Applications

You know your business has to display specific federal and state labor law postings. But did you know that many states also require you to use mandatory language on job applications, too?
Currently, 34 states have issued regulations mandating the details a job application can ask applicants and the specific wording used for some questions. These sensitive topics include criminal records ("Ban the Box", see below), smoking, lie detector tests, driver's licenses, Social Security numbers and more.

Introducing State-Compliant Applications from ComplyRight™
State-Compliant Applications are the smart and legal way to gather the probing job related information you need without crossing into legal territory. Each state specific application includes the proper language and legal disclosures necessary to keep you in compliance with your state’s requirements. Plus with the ComplyRight free Notification Service, you're alerted when it's time to update your applications due to new or updated laws and regulations.

What exactly does "Ban The Box" mean?

Standard job applications may include a question asking if applicants have a criminal record and a yes/no checkbox next to it. Addressing concerns about discrimination, some states started forbidding the question on job applications. Twenty-four states and more than 100 cities and counties currently "ban the box." And with this movement's strong momentum, that number is likely to keep growing.