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Teal and Silver Thank You Card


A Simple Thank You in Striking Hues

When you want to take a moment to thank someone, choose this clean, unfussy card to make a statement. Featuring a playful, cursive font and lined border – all in glimmering teal and silver -- it’s a lovely way to share your appreciation.

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Paisley Thank You Card


Show Your Appreciation in Style with the Paisley Thank You Card

Everybody likes feeling valued and this tasteful card is perfect for letting employees know they matter. An understated design lets your message take center stage

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Contemporary Thank You Card


Contemporary Thank You Card

Gratitude Goes Bold with the Contemporary Thank You Card Give your employees an enthusiastic thumbs-up with this bold card design. An assortment of captions help tell someone that you see and appreciate what they do.

as low as $0.81

Formal Thank You Card


Make Employee Motivation Easy with Our  Personnelly Yours®  Greeting Cards

Express the company's sincerest wishes with this formal business thank you card. "Thank You" is printed in an elegant script in brown ink in the center of the card against a gradient papyrus-style background. An eye-catching border of hunter green marble frames the card's sentiment.

as low as $0.81

All-Occasion Assortment


This Batch of Assorted Greeting Cards Covers Almost Any Work Event

Instead of having the right greeting card for just one event, get the collection that keeps you ready for any event! This assortment of all occasion cards makes celebrating any of your team members’ special moments easy and convenient.


Classic Business Thank You Card


Send Your Sincere Appreciation with our Business Greeting Cards

Everyone likes to be recognized and treated as an individual. Build and strengthen the one-on-one relationship with your employees, clients and vendors - the people most important to the success of your business - with our unique collection of business greeting cards. HRdirect’s Elegant Expressions greeting cards are a great way to make a personal statement to each recipient.

as low as $1.17

All-Occasion Card Assortment


Share Their Special Moments with Elegant Foil Greeting Cards

We’ve put together this value-packed, shimmering foil assortment based on how our customers told us they really used their cards. Be ready for any occasion!



Silver Foil Thank You Card


Say Thank You in Style

Brighten their day with get well wishes. Soft and alluring, a display of gold foil leaves spread across the front of this card brings hope that the receiver will get well soon.

as low as $1.17

Thank You Stripes Card


Thank You Stripes Card

Show your appreciation with our business greeting cards

as low as $1.17

Festive Birthday Card Assortment


Affordable and Unique Business Birthday Greeting Cards

Help retain your best employees, promote job satisfaction and strengthen morale with our affordable and unique business birthday greeting cards in the Festive Birthday Card Assortment. These small investments you make in personal recognition and appreciation will be more than repaid with increased loyalty and productivity.


Starry Congratulations! Card


Send Your Sincere Best Wishes With Our Business Greeting Cards

On this corporate greeting card, “CONGRATULATIONS!” is expressed along the cover of the card in gradient shades of rich teal, blue and violet foil. A star motif trails the message against the white cardstock.

Limited quantities available.

as low as $1.17

Tiny Toes Congratulations Card


Share in Your Employee’s Excitement with Baby Congratulations Cards

A small way to celebrate life’s big moments. This card features a precious black and white image of a baby’s foot. The “Congratulations” message sentiment is stamped in pale green foil

as low as $1.12

Variety Birthday Card Assortment


Remember Each Employee's Birthday

You'll be sure to remember each employee's birthday this year with this fabulous birthday card assortment.


Welcome Baby Card


Welcome Baby Card

Fun New Baby Cards Are the Sweet Way to Greet

as low as $0.81

Great Job Appreciation Card


Great Job Appreciation Card

Give Credit Where It’s Due< Show your team that you value extra effort with these attractive employee recognition cards. Just a brief note of recognition can have a huge impact. These staff appreciation cards are a great tool for building loyalty and better performance.

as low as $0.81

Personalized Variety Birthday Card Assortment


Never Forget a Birthday Again

Each card design includes a traditional birthday greeting and cheerful birthday artwork, all printed in vivid ink against durable card stock. This is a birthday card the recipient will display for months to come. Personalize the assortment by adding your company name.


Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment


Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment

Each card design in the Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment features a cheerful image of traditional birthday paraphenlia, including balloons, streamers, confetti and birthday presents. All cards are printed in brilliant ink on durable cardstock.


Personalized Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment


PY Personalized Celebrations Happy Birthday Card Assortment

Make an employee’s day with a celebratory birthday card


Way To Go Congratulations Card


Make Employee Motivation Easy With Our Colorful  Personnelly Yours ®  Greeting Cards

Pump up workplace morale and celebrate workplace achievements with this business greeting card. "Way to go" is printed in bright gold against a gradient blue background to mimic the night sky. A brilliant gold shooting star is placed in the top right corner followed by a trail of mini stars, swirls and stardust.

as low as $0.81

Way to Go Balloons Card


Cheer On Your Employees for a Job Well Done

Reward your employees for their contributions with a modern anniversary card featuring gold confetti and celebratory balloons.

as low as $1.17

Birthday Favorites Card Assortment


Show How Much You Value Your Employees With This Festive Assortment of Business Birthday Card.

We've gathered together some of our best sellers to make sure you deliver a birthday card that's guaranteed to be a hit. Each card design features a bright and cheerful birthday image printed in vivid ink against durable cardstock. A traditional birthday greeting is additionally included on each card.


Get Well Daffodils Card


Get Well Daffodils Card

Cheerful Personally Yours® business greeting cards Brighten your employee’s day with a get-well greeting card featuring yellow daffodils in a vase.

as low as $0.81

Warm Get Well Card


Personally Yours® Business Greeting card

Share your warmest regards with our colorful Personally Yours® business greeting cards This bright and cheerful get well card sends a warm wish to the recipient. These are the perfect cards to send to employees or clients to let tem know you care.

as low as $0.81

Daisy Get Well Card


Share Your Warmest Regards

Share your warmest regards with our colorful  Personally Yours®  business greeting cards

Show your company's concern and best wishes with a business greeting card. The cover of the card reads "get well" in light teal ink against a background of white and gradient shades of sky blue. The artwork features a close-up image of a vivid pink daisy with raindrops.

as low as $0.81

Flower Field Get Well Card


Share Your Warmest Regards with our Colorful  Personnelly Yours®  Business Greeting Cards

Brighten up your employee's day with this cheery business greeting card. "Get Well" is printed in a contemporary script and white ink inside an cutout of a blooming sunflower in golden yellow. The get well message is expressed against a background of sky blue and corresponding golden sunflowers along the bottom edge of the card cover.

as low as $0.81

Birthday Sampler Card Assortment


Use this Business Birthday Card Sampler as a Way to Send a Birthday Greeting that's Sure to Match Each Employee's Personality

This colorful and very sensibly priced collection has so much variety, it’s like having a card shop right at your desk. And, no matter which card you choose, it will emphasize your appreciation and professionalism every time.


Elegant Get Well Wishes Card


Elegant Get Well Wishes Card

While not as potent as antibiotics, an Elegant Get Well Wishes Card could be the cure for a sick colleague. Letting somebody know they’re missed with this tasteful card is a great morale boost when it’s most needed.

as low as $1.17

Get Well Sprigs Card


Get Well Sprigs Card

Caring thoughts are always welcome

as low as $1.17

Birthday Celebration Card Assortment


Celebrate Employee Birthdays All Year Long When You Purchase this Cheerful Birthday Card Assortment

The assortment of ten designs contains festive birthday images printed in bright, vivid ink and accented in metallic foil. The traditional "Happy Birthday" greeting is included on the cover of each card.


Personalized Birthday Celebration Card Assortment


Celebrate Employee Birthdays All Year Long When You Purchase this Cheerful Birthday Card Assortment

This birthday card assortment comes in ten festive designs and contains birthday images printed in bright, vivid ink and accented in metallic foil. The traditional "Happy Birthday" greeting is included on the cover of each card. Customize the cards with personal sentiments to make it your own!


Purple Orchid Sympathy Card


Purple Orchid Sympathy Card

Send your sincere condolences with our business greeting cards

as low as $0.81

Our Sympathy Card


Share Your Respects With a Tasteful Message

Offer support during a sensitive time with this understated business sympathy card. Soft pastels create a subtle, soothing platform to reassure a grieving employee or colleague.

as low as $0.81