Payroll Status Change Forms

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Employee Payroll Records Folders

Store all Payroll Documents in One Secure Payroll Folder

Your employees' payroll records are confidential. Our Confidential Payroll Folder lets you keep these forms, including weekly timecards and W-4 forms, separate from the personnel files that supervisors and other office staff need to use.

Payroll Change Form

Quickly Document Changes in Payroll Status with a ComplyRight™ Payroll Change Notice

Easily track changes to an employee's pay and status including payroll job title and withholding rate with our Employee Payroll Change Form. Plus it provides legal documentation in case of any disputes.
as low as $35.99

Payroll Change Form - 3-Part

Three-Part Employee Payroll Change Form Creates Copies for Everyone

Misunderstandings about changes in employee payroll status can be a frequent source of friction, and can result in disruption of work, low employee morale and even costly litigation. Head off these consequences before they arise with an employee payroll form that documents all the changes when they're made. Our expertly designed Employee Payroll Change Forms gets the job done simply and thoroughly. This form collects all the necessary information to document any changes and serves as a tool to ensure all employees have updated, current payroll records. The carbonless form instantly provides three copies for supervisors and recordkeeping.

Updated to include a new payroll/status change reason "FLSA Reclassification".

Payroll Status Change Form

Easily Document Salary or Status Changes

Record changes to employees' payroll status correctly with the Payroll/Status Change Notice. The Payroll/Status Change Notice also documents payroll changes as well as other updates such as resignations, transfers, insurance eligibility and more.

Updated to include a new payroll/status change reason "FLSA Reclassification".

Payroll Status Change Form - 3-Part

For Payroll or Employee Status Changes, One Form Does it All!

The Payroll/Status Change Notice – 3-Part form gives you an effective tool for documenting job and salary changes and a convenient way to keep and route records. Along with transfers and promotions, this handy form covers new hire information, leave of absence and separation details.

Updated to include a new payroll/status change reason "FLSA Reclassification".

Small Payroll Status Change Form - 3-Part

Clearly Communicate and Record Compensation Changes

Clearly document pay changes with the Small Payroll Status Change Form - 3-Part. Having hard copies of any changes eliminates any uncertainty and offers solid documentation in the event a legal dispute.

Updated to include a new payroll/status change reason "FLSA Reclassification".

Separation Notice

Ensure Accuracy when Employees Leave

Completing the Separation Notice satisfies all the documentation needed when an employee resigns, is laid off or retires. The checklist covers critical issues that must be discussed with an employee upon separation from employment. Completion of this form starts the process for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) and issuance of final pay.