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Colorful Fun Birthday Card


Pump Up the Birthday Fun with an Effervescent Greeting Card

Balloon-like circles in fresh, upbeat colors and a sprinkling of gold confetti dances across the front and inside corner of this card. Coupled with the positive sentiment inside, it’s the perfect greeting to bring a burst of joy to someone on their birthday.

Sentiment: B34 - Have a happy birthday and may the coming year bring you good health and happiness.

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Blue and Gold Gifts Birthday Card


Dazzle and Delight: A Birthday Card That Packs a Graphic Punch

This distinctive greeting card features a collage of wrapped, intricately detailed presents for a fresh, graphic approach. The rich blue and gold imprinting makes a bold statement, as does the panel of confetti-inspired sprinkles on the inside.

Sentiment: B20 - Wishing you a birthday filled with joy and a year filled with success.

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Watercolor Presents Birthday Card


“It’s a Wrap” with Brightly Adorned Birthday Presents

Eye-catching presents take center stage in this whimsical birthday card. The outside features a towering stack of playfully patterned gifts, with a splash of the same presents inside.

Sentiment: B15 - May your birthday be the start of a year filled with success and happiness.

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Happy Birthday in Lights Birthday Card


Illuminate Their Birthday with a Dazzling Greeting Card

Highlight their special day with a lively card featuring festive banners, balloons and streamers surrounding a “Happy Birthday” marquee. It’s a vivid, energetic card that’s sure to lift their spirits from the moment they receive it.

Sentiment: B44 - Wishing you happiness today and always. Happy Birthday!

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Patterned Cake Birthday Card


Give a Bold, Attention-Grabbing Birthday Greeting

Celebrate their special day with an eye-catching card featuring a vivid, multi-patterned birthday cake. Inside, the graphic elements continue with a shower of colorful dots.

Sentiment: B34 - Have a happy birthday and may the coming year bring you good health and happiness.

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Balloon Garland Birthday Card


A Garland of Good Cheer for Their Birthday

Garlands of pale, muted balloons arch across both sides of this birthday card. The soft, subtle design is punctuated with a cheerful greeting inside.

Sentiment: B3 - Best wishes for a great birthday and happiness throughout the year!

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Musical Notes Birthday Card


A Gleeful Greeting That’s Music to Their Ears

Turn up the volume with your birthday wishes. A chorus of brightly colored musical notes and streamers dance across this bright, cheerful card.

Sentiment: B12 - Many wishes for a wonderful birthday and a happy and rewarding year!

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Birthday Confetti Birthday Card


Confetti Birthday Card

Make any employee's birthday special with a birthday card. "Happy Birthday" is printed in a rainbow of inks and a contemporary script font against a white background. Streamers and confetti in a multitude of different colors decorate the card's cover.

Sentiment: B41 - Wishing you a wonderful day!

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Birthday Cupcake and Sparkler Card


Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Make a sweet statement with delightful birthday card greetings. The card features a whimsical cupcake decorated with star sprinkles and a sparkler. “Happy Happy Birthday” is printed in blue, yellow and white lettering against the patterned periwinkle background.

Sentiment B22: Wishing you a happy birthday from all of us!

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Birthday Notes Card


Happy Birthday with Music Notes

It wouldn't be a party without a "Happy Birthday to You" song to celebrate the day. Featuring a colorful background and a burst of musical notes and swirls, this card hits just the right notes.

Sentiment B15: May your birthday be the start of a year filled with success and happiness

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Birthday Party Card


Send Birthday Wishes

Get the party started off right and send birthday wishes with this fun-filled card full of cake, confetti and candles!

Stock Sentiment: B18 - This special occasion requires a fun-filled celebration! Enjoy your day!

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Celebration Birthday Card


Make your employee feel special with an eye-catching business birthday card. "Happy, Happy Birthday" is printed in alternating font sizes and white ink on the front of the card against a patterned green background. Different birthday paraphernalia of confetti, ice cream cones, balloons, party hats and birthday cake are dispersed throughout the birthday message.

Stock Sentiment: B4 - Celebrate! It's your special day!

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Chalkboard Birthday Celebration Card


It's Your Birthday!

Employee birthday cards worth an A+. Stars and balloons outlined in faux chalk surround the block-lettered birthday message on the chalkboard-like background.

Stock Sentiment: B39 - Wishing you a birthday filled with wonderful surprises.

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Floating Birthday Balloons Card


Celebratory Birthday Card

Make an employee's day with a celebratory birthday card featuring bright balloons floating alongside "Happy Birthday to you".

Sentiment B13: May every happiness be yours on this special day and throughout the years ahead

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Happy Birthday Gift Card


Birthday Blue Gift Box Card

Send birthday wishes with this elegant card that is designed with a colorful blue and gold birthday gift box. Just like opening a present, this card will bring excitement to the birthday person!

Stock Sentiment: B14 - May your birthday be especially happy and the coming year bring you the best of everything.

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Just Floating Birthday Card


Build and strengthen the one-on-one relationship with those most important to your business by presenting a cheerful birthday card. A row of star-studded bright balloons in green, yellow, purple, red and blue float across the card. Multicolor confetti and a simple red border accent the card's design. In the bottom right corner of the card, "Happy Birthday" is printed in red ink and a serif font.

Sentiment: Best wishes for a wonderful birthday!

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Twinkling Happy Birthday Card


Wish your Employees all the Happy Things a Birthday Celebration Brings

Blurred multicolored lights showcase a birthday greeting for employees.

Sentiment: Wishing you all the happy things a birthday celebration brings.

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Festive Birthday Card Assortment


Affordable and Unique Business Birthday Greeting Cards

Help retain your best employees, promote job satisfaction and strengthen morale with our affordable and unique business birthday greeting cards in the Festive Birthday Card Assortment. These small investments you make in personal recognition and appreciation will be more than repaid with increased loyalty and productivity.


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